Mission Organize: Top of the Fridge

Hi everyone!
I see all the beautiful homes out there in blogland and they actually use the top of the fridge for decorating! I think to myself, “Now why can’t I use this space to put something pretty on display?”
"But, I don't have a huge kitchen! Wahhhh". Okay, that is what I have been telling myself for years. And although it is true, that should not give me an excuse to allow major chaos to live on top of my fridge!
I do have to utilize all of my space but, I don’t have to let it get out of control and down right ugly!
I live in a small townhouse. I do not have a big beautiful kitchen. Which makes it all the more important to keep things organized and not a “dumping ground”.
The top of the fridge has always been used to store snacks. I really don’t have anywhere else to put them. However, what happens is other things end up there when we don’t know where to put them. And it quickly becomes chaos! And the really sad part about that is, it then becomes normal. You start to not even notice it anymore!
This past couple of weeks I have been slowly working on deep cleaning and reorganizing my kitchen.
Okay, so on to the project at hand…..dealing with the chaos of the top of the fridge.
  1. Take everything off the top of the fridge.
  2. Pulled fridge out to dust off the coils in the back and dust the wall in the back.
  3. Using a step stool, a bowl of warm water with all purpose cleaner added to it, a Mr. Eraser and a clean dry towel, I scrubbed the top of the fridge and the side of the wall.
  4. Decided what was going to go back on top and still look nice.
  5. Find a home for all the other items.
Sounds simple huh? Well, it did take the full two hours. I knew going into this project that I was going to also have to clean out and reorganize an under utilized base cabinet. But, now both areas are deep cleaned, organized and no longer unsightly! Woohoo!
I used this burlap folding box to hold all the snack foods. A clearance find a couple of years ago at Hobby Lobby.
Now all the bags of snacks are tucked away in this fabric box. It not only keeps every tidy but, you can just grab the box and look through it and decide what you want without stuff falling on you or disappearing behind the fridge!
On top of the fridge it goes. I also placed my white teapot and white creamer & sugar set on top (these are the most used ones by me right now) and my tea herb basket.
No, it’s not just a decorative item up there but, it looks a lot better and is being used for things we need in a much nicer and more organized way.
And it has been two weeks since I did this organizing project and it still looks this way! Troy and I both find it so much easier to grab the burlap box and pick out what we want from it.
How does the top of your fridge look? Any tips that have helped you keep this area clean and organized?

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  1. I Love your Post, Diann.

    It is so easy to pretend in blogland (not that I'm implying that everyone does, of course) that all homes are that looking perfect when photos are posted.

    To admit a problem shows a grandeur of heart as well as a brutal honesty. Go Diann!

    I don't have nothing on top of mine because it's inside the kitchen cabinets - it's a row that actually ends with a tall one, that's the fridge.
    It has a top shelf above where the fridge is and I use it to store - neatly - milk packages.

    Well done, My Dear. It looked such a charming before and after. Bravo!

  2. All I have on top of my refrigerator is dust. hehehe I think you did a great job fixing yours up. I know what you mean about how much time these things take. I still need to finish the bedroom I started cleaning yesterday.

  3. What a pretty transformation and you can still use it for food storage too with that pretty container! Great job!

  4. Diane you did a great job prettying up the top of your fridge! I can't put anything on top of ours because it slides under a cabinet. I do have a long bread basket that sits on the top edge. That is all there is room for.

  5. I noticed that same effect. I picked a 'hot spot' the top of the microwave. It was always stacked with stuff that shouldn't be there. Decided it was a 'tea spot', added a couple of those very large and very vintage sugar bowls and put tea bags in them. It has worked pretty well, I am motivated to keep it cleared off and it is much more convenient to have the teabags right by the kettle.

  6. Wow, it looks great Diann! I love the idea of tossing the snacks into a beautiful basket/container. Your tea set is so pretty, too! Nice work.

  7. Your project turned out great. On top of our refrigerator we have a basket that contains our bread, bagels, buns, etc. It keeps everything neat and organized, just like your box. It's a good thing!

  8. The top of my fridge isn't pretty but somehow we don't put much up there. I have a really small kitchen also, so I feel your pain. I want to decorate a little up there but not sure what. I like the snack box!! hugs, Linda

  9. Your refrigerator top is picture perfect now that you've spruced it up. Mine on the other hand shall remain cluttered. Kind of the way we roll around here. I spent years having everything in it's place in my house. These days it looks lived in, instead.

  10. Very pretty tea set. I need to more organized as well and do some deep cleaning.

  11. It really looks great! Love the burlap tote from HL!

    I have a cabinet over my fridge so it's not an issue except I can't reach it without a step stool!

  12. Love your burlap basket and the white tea set really pops in contrast. Great storage idea. I need more space for storing in the pantry and the overload always get put into bags on the floor in there. This is a plan I could use, I like you can see what's there. Thanks for the idea. Your frig looks great.

    The French Htuch

  13. It looks great! I love the tea set! My fridge just has a big cabinet over it, where I keep my cleaning supplies stockpile. Which, in fact, I recently completely reorganized :P

  14. I don't have any organizing tips not mentioned here. I use decorative baskets all over the house to catch the clutter. I love baskets. I do, however, have a time-saving tip regarding the top of the fridge. Because my fridge sits right next to my range, I have a problem with accumulation of grease on top of the fridge. It is difficult to clean because I'm so short (and old). So, my solution is to cover the top of my fridge with saran wrap. When it starts to get sticky, peel it off, throw it away and then cover it again with new wrap. The fridge will still be clean under the saran wrap.

  15. All of those homes in blogland intimidate me. You r made a marvelous transformation to the top of the frig! So impressed.

  16. What a great idea, hope you don't mind if I steal form my own fridge!
    Your newest follower,

  17. Diann--that looks so much better! I too, overlook stuff that has been there too long, and it becomes "normal". :(

    great job! thanks for linking up and linking back to catch as catch can

  18. How pretty and organized! Thank you for joining me for Home Sweet Home!


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