Mission Organize 2012!

Hi everyone!
Do you ever notice that you straighten up an area and if you don’t keep a very close eye on it, it becomes chaos in no time and you wonder when and how that happened! It’s a fact just like The Broken Window Theory. Chaos creates chaos.
bwSince I am  one of those types that want everything done now, I generally end up killing myself doing as much as I possible can from sun-up to sun-down. Only to find myself the next day in a great deal of pain and feeling frustrated because I am not Wonder Woman and EVERYTHING did not get done. And that mentality just burns you out fast!
This is not a concept for everyone. I know a lot of you out there are so organized and enjoy housework. I envy you! I love, love, love a clean house. But, I don’t love the work that it takes to get there. I don’t hate housework but, I just love a lot of other things more. However, keeping a clean home and an organized one is a necessity for me. Because I have so many “balls in the air” all the time, things have to run smoothly at home.
So, I sat myself down and had a good “talkin’ to”. LOL What I decided to do (this is going to sound very weird to a lot of you) is hire myself as a professional cleaner and organizer! Yup, I needed to take the personal out projects and think of it as a job I was doing for someone else.
nh I am not talking about everyday household cleaning and upkeep,  I am referring to those projects that need to be dealt with like:
  • Cleaning out the linen  closet
  • scrubbing down and decluttering the kitchen cabinets
  • going through closets and cleaning/purging
Any area that doesn’t generally fall into an everyday routine. I’m sure you all know what I am talking about.
What I did last week was I broke down my kitchen in different project zones. Instead of simply saying, “Clean the kitchen”, I tackled (as a Pro cleaner and organizer) one specific area in the kitchen that needed to be deep cleaned and reorganized. I determined a realistic amount of time for each project. It has really helped to think of this as hiring an outsider to do the job. Like most of us, I have a tendency to set unrealistic time frames for myself but, I am completely fine with giving more time to a hired person.
Since I am hiring myself to do one project only, I am not going to do any other things such as doing the laundry, doing the dishes or straightening up other areas. Would a professional person hired to do one job say, “Hey, while I am here, I’m going to do their laundry and dishes while I work on the area I was hired for”? Of course not! That allows me to completely focus on doing a professional job on a specific project.
What a freeing experience! I’m not going to beat myself up because I wasn’t multitasking my little ‘ol heart out! And guess what? Projects are getting done and I had the rest of the day to deal with other things in life. No semi-finished project. No “that will have to do” . It was done!
I have been using this “hire myself as a professional for one project at a time” method all last week. And I have to say, I am very happy with everything I have be able to do so far. And I wasn’t in dire pain or stuck with uncompleted projects. I have done a lot of purging and de-cluttering. I can actually do the project in the allotted time frame, see the completed project done and get a sense of accomplishment! It feels great!
So, do you think this method would help you? If so, I would love to hear how you did Hiring yourself for a project! And if you are curious, no I didn’t read about this method anywhere. I just created it for myself. I have always been able to tackle things if I take the personal part out and go at it from a business aspect.
Don’t worry, I won’t bombard you all with the scary project zones I work on each week! But, I do want to share some organizational tips that seem to work for me from time to time.
Next week I am going to share an embarrassing area that seems to get out of control fairly easily around here: The Top of the Fridge.
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. What a marvelous idea. Continued success to you.

  2. I love it!!!
    Have you come up with a fair wage????LOL
    Since I am short I can not see the top of my fridge so I wait till hubs says something about it.

  3. I am so glad that is working for you! I started before Christmas giving myself projects and not going onto another one until it was done. It's really helped me. Some are done in record time and others might take days. I'm not beating myself up about it, just staying focused. The past 10 days have been a disaster as I've had a cold that won't go away and I've had ZERO energy. I am so ready to move on to my next project. It will get done. You are a great inspiration! This is part of my 'change' going on with me and my blog! hugs, Linda

  4. Diann, I love the idea of "hiring" yourself as an organizer/cleaner! What a super way to stay focused.

  5. Diane, I don't actually do the hiring myself thing, but with me working full time I do have to break down rooms in zones to get anything done. I have done a lot purging this month and still have a lot more to do.I have also started not feeling guilty about asking the hubby to steam the hardwood floors and the bathroom floors on the weekends. This frees me up to do other things like clean closets and drawers etc.
    Like you I was killing myself on the weekends. My entire weekend was spent cleaning and then it was back to work on Monday. I was getting physically ill from all the work.

  6. That is a great idea! It is so much easier for me to clean & declutter Hubby's stuff because my emotional attachment doesn't get in the way. I think I'll hire myself too.

  7. This is such a great way to look at cleaning. I told myself just yesterday that I could have cleaned more if I hadn't had laundry to do and dinner to fix.

  8. In essence this is the same as what my therapist told me. He said, "Stay on task." My problem is that I am too overwhelmed to get up and begin. I need all the shows to come to my house from What Not To Wear all the way down to Hoarders.

  9. I've actually told myself the same thing! Focus on one important task...and let the laundry and dusting wait another day. I have a thing about making neat little lists, but I hardly ever follow them. The truth is, I need to get rid of my computer!


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