January~Time for Planning

Hi everyone!

2012 January, the time for renewal, new starts and big hopes.

My plan of attack is a little different this year. Generally I have a tendency to just jump into getting the house cleaned and organized. Start some projects I have been wanting to do. And well, a gazillion other things. I have all this “Fresh Start” mentality and leap in with both feet.

Guess what happens? I burn out quickly. I have a ton of things started and very few finished. I want everything done at once! And instead of focusing on one thing or area at a time, I feel the strong need to multi-task. I want EVERYTHING done NOW! There is a time and place to multi-task. We are women after all and have been multi-tasking since he beginning of time, way before multi-tasking was a known term.

Yes, I can have laundry going and dinner in the crockpot and then devote my time and energy to one specific project to work on. What I can’t let myself do is jump into several projects at one time while dinner is cooking and laundry going.

Does this sound a little familiar to you? Want to join me in organizing and really getting things done?

thumbnailCA76QMCL This week I am Planning and gathering my thoughts. I am working at creating some routines and my “Just get it done” list. I will be working on one small area at a time. No over zealous daily projects. I am refusing to set myself up for failure or disappointment. However, I will be challenging myself on a regular basis.

Are you working on new routines, planning projects and organizing your life? If so, I would love to hear some of your plans or ideas.


  1. I already started. The coffee table was knee deep in books and catalogs. CLEANED it off before the NEW YEAR celebration began. Take care. Good luck with your projects.

  2. My goal-first time I have EVER made one-is to put my house back together now instead of waiting for my husband to do the things he says he will. It has been years and I have stupidly waited. I need my house to feel like a home. One thing that will help me with this is something a therapist told me years ago,....stay on task. Good luck with all your goals and....Happy New Year.

  3. I have alot of ideas but the spark to do them has not hit me...even with a new year here!

  4. I have a bedroom that I plan to redo. I'm in the process of thinking of colors now. I also need to find a good storage place for some boxes that hold my dd's wedding pieces. Lot's to do!

  5. My organizing is going to continue from last year. I made some good progress but need more to feel like I have accomplished my goals. I'll be following along with you. hugs, Linda

  6. I've missed you! Been a lot going on around here plus computer problems. Had to use Google Chrome to be able to read & respond.

    Wishing you and your loved ones the very best New Year possible! You are so deserving ~


  7. I am working like crazy around my house! I like to go room by room...take a few things out, clean clean clean and then move on to another room. I take a few things out of every room either to put away or give away. Tomorrow I will make a run to the thrift store with a couple of bags of stuff. It lightens my house..and my mood! I love to organize! lol Happy New year! ♥♥♥ PS I can't wait to hear what you think of your new computer when you get it. I feel like I am starting all over again! ♥

  8. Diane , I have worked this entire weekend! We don't party much at NEW YEARS. I spent the evening cleaning and putting up stuff.
    I did change some things in my home. I hope to post some pics tomorrow.
    Happy New Year!

  9. Our home is a continuance of what I have been working on the last 3 yrs..If it hasn't been used in a year..off it will go..If we need something for our lifestyle now I write a list and search for the item while T.S. If an item is needed sooner then I will find the best deal and purchase it..but prefer major discounts & second-hand etc..I have a place for everything and everything in it's place...it has taken dedication to get our home this way...:) Less is truely More!
    ~~Peace & Love & Joy & Blessings~~

  10. So it's Jan.2,2012 and after a long weekend of spending time with my parents who are 80 amd 87 it's time to get back to a new beginning. So much to do and a day is only 24 hours and part of it is spend sleeping. I do agree that we have to take our time and not put on so much on our plate daily or else we will never finish. So I guess I will start a big to do list and then prioritize it and break it down until I finish it. Then I need to get on a daily scheule and learn to work with all those interrupting times where I have to answer phone calls and other things that keep me from doing what needs to be done. So with that I wish you all luck and hope you will all keep us updated as to how things are going on with progress.

  11. We got our entryway wall done this weekend (and it's beautiful) I got twelve of 24 quilt blocks completed (ran out of thangles & fabric shop is closed today) so I started an upholstery project (not yet completed) and I started some painting projects too (not yet completed) but the entryway is done. Should have spent the time cleaning my closet but it didn't sound like much fun. Plus I have 3 Christmas gifts to make before the weekend. Not very organized but I really enjoyed myself. Back to work tomorrow.

  12. I am hoping what I have now is my worst cold of 2012. Ge it out of the way. so my planning days, while running wildly through my head, are not yet being implemented. Did you see the new weekly goals check in party? I have it listed in a recent blog post.
    You could add goals for the business, for health, for the house... anything goes!
    Checking in helps keep us all on track.
    Have a wonderful New Year


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