The Downside of Having a Real Christmas Tree

Hi everyone!

We have been trying to celebrate the 12 days of Christmas so, I have been holding off on taking down the Christmas decorations. Unfortunately, my favorite Christmas decoration can no longer remain up. The Christmas tree is coming down today.

Christmas decor 2011 159 That would be the downside of having a real tree. They dry out super fast. Having the heat on, really dries out our house even with two humidifiers.

Christmas decor 2011 166When ornaments literally slide off the branches, you know it is time to get the tree, aka fire hazard, out of the house! 

All the tree ornaments are packed up and stored away now. I will leave the other decorations up until January 5, the day before the Epiphany.

Christmas decor 2011 167Definitely need to wear house shoes with a good sole for awhile!


  1. Our tree stayed really fresh this year until 3 days after Christmas. We usually take it down on New Years, but since we went to church yesterday, I decided to do it today while watching the Rose Parade.(the parade was today since they never have it on a Sunday). We leave our nativity sets up until the 6th.

  2. We put or tree in a huge Anduze urn with a five gallon bucket inside. It still looks fresh after a month! The only difficulty was finding a way to get the water into the bucket after the tree was secured. We eventually bought a length of plastic plumbing pipe and a large funnel!
    I'm keeping the tree up as long as I possibly can! I will miss it when it's gone...

  3. I had a mini (real) tree this year... It seemed to stay fresher and the cleanup, throw out was awesome!

  4. Oh the pain of stepping on the needles and trying to clean them up off floor...

  5. That is one of the reasons I don't have a real tree anymore. I love to leave it up and if it gets this dry I have to take it down then find needles for months...and months! Still they do smell wonderful. hugs, Linda

  6. We spent the morning vacuuming pine needles. I love putting it up, but loath taking it down. The smell is always worth it.

    PS. I did a tablescape New Year's eve that would have made you proud.

  7. We bought our tree the Saturday after T'giving and it was still fresh! Usually mine looks like yours. I hated to put it out to the curb.

  8. We're big fakers. Thee's still mess, it's still a pain to take it down, the branches still shed but it doesn't hurt as much to step on little plastic 'needles'.

  9. Yea that stinks! Hope you can get them all up! I like mine up until Epiphany too. They smell so good though!!
    Hugs, Lisa

  10. We're doing the Twelve Days of Christmas here too. Vacuuming pine needles is always a chore. But stepping on them is painful. OUCH! Hope you get them all up. After years of fighting with them here we went artificial. Now I keep my tree up all year round. Take care.

  11. Well, the needles are a downside but I miss having a real pine for Christmas.
    And from a Christmas Lover let me tell you that putting down the decorations always leave a bitter-sweet taste.

    While for one side it's good to have our home back (that's what I feel) with our familiar accents and details it's no less true that we'll miss the lights and the colours and the sparkly of Christmas.

    But soon Spring will be here (in my side of the world) and we'll be spending more time outside enjoying it and decorating the garden and bringing flowers inside. So all these ransitions are important. Specially to dwell on the importance of each and all in our lives.

    Enjoy, Diann and Have a Wonderful New Year!

    P.S. Mine will only go after The Three Wise Man stop by and enjoy it ahahahah

  12. I guess it did get a little dry!! Last year mine had cob webs on the top!~guess you can tell how long that was up for! This year the "border" cats are telling me if I want any decorations left Id better get going!!

  13. I bought an artificial pre-lit tree five years ago. Best thing I've ever done!

  14. i miss a real tree...ours is a pre-lit artificial. Just NOT the same. prayers for no 'pine needle' splinters in feet or hands
    Happy New Year!

  15. I have not had a real tree for several years. I don't like the needles afterward in the carpet.
    I have put all my stuff away for another year and have put out some new things for awhile now.
    I love to rotate my decorations.


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