A Beautiful New Teacup

Hi everyone!

It’s been awhile since I posted a tea and I have lots of new teacups to share with you. But, let’s do one at a time.

During the Thanksgiving weekend, my mom surprised me with this gorgeous teacup and saucer set. We had visited a secondhand store earlier that day and we both spotted this teacup and saucer and fell in love with it. It was way out of my spending budget so, I just admired it at the store. That evening my mom gave it to me as a surprise! She is sneaky and wonderful that way!

IMG_0137Isn’t it pretty!

IMG_0141IMG_0140It is Tuscan Fine English Bone China. I think the Tuscan line was bought out by Wedgwood at some point.

IMG_0133I’m using my pretty little Spode creamer today.

IMG_0132I thought my white Wedgwood tea/coffee pot was perfect for this tea.


IMG_0136I was going to save this tea post for a Valentine Tea but, I am no good at waiting! LOL

IMG_0134The pretty hydrangea flowers are actually little floral clips. They sold them with Christmas decor. I picked them up for .25 cents each at our local hardware store. I find the prettiest things at the oddest places!

IMG_0144I love this little eyelet runner. It is part of a 3 piece set I bought while thrifting for a grand total for .50 cents.

IMG_0142Mom, thank you again for this gorgeous teacup and saucer set! I absolutely LOVE it!

I was just wrapping some gifts for the Princess and stopped to make this tea. I also spent some time going through scrapbooks. Today is the Princess’s birthday. She is 4 yrs. old. Right now her and Troy are at a new indoor Farmer’s Market. I can’t believe she is already four years old. Where has the time gone? As I was walking down memory lane through her scrapbooks, it feels like just last week I was giving her a bath in the kitchen sink!

I think taking a few moments here and there to look back at her pictures as a baby makes me realize that each and every day counts. They really do grow up fast! All of us have just one “today”. Tomorrow, it is gone forever. I have to keep this in my heart everyday. God gave me this beautiful little person and it is my honor  to love, support, teach and make her smile everyday.

You are the sunshine in my heart Lia and I love you with everything that I am! Happy Birthday Princess!

And thank you for stopping by for a little tea with me today! I hope your day is wonderful!

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  1. It is a GORGEOUS teacup and saucer. Perfect for Valentine's Day. My MIL used to collect them. Then she gave them all to me. Most of them broke in transition. So sad. You are so right about little ones GROWING UP so fast. ENJOY everyday. It is precious. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your special PRINCESS. FOUR is a GREAT year. Take care.

  2. Love the tea cup, my favorite colors! Laura

  3. Wow, what a nice mom to give you such a lovely cup!

  4. Your teacup and saucer are just lovely!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. What a Blessing to have a Mother who understands our hearts' wishes and go for it.
    Who needs Santa with a Mum like yours?!

    I love the cup - can undertand you falling head over heels for it - and you paired it magnigiciently, as usual.

    So glad you didn't wait. We should use our best china whenever the mood strikes... why wait?

    I'm glad and loved your post as much as if I'd been invited to tea. I guess in a way I was...

    Take Care, Sweetie!

  6. Happy Birthday to The Princess! And you're right, time does fly and you should be looking to these pics with her so both could enjoy together all those bits of warmth and love.
    Hope you have a wonderful day celebrating!

    P.S. My son celebrated his 21st (time keeps flying, Dear Friend. It's not the first 10 as some say, it's as long as they're ours) on December and I came up with the idea of having a PictureLine decorating the table with several pictures of his life and it took 10 times to choose them because that's a trip that takes hold of head and heart...

  7. That is indeed a lovely teacup. Your Mom is very special just like you! I am so touched by your sweet word about Lia. They do grow so fast! My 'baby' will be 30 in February...where did the years go and now she is a Mom herself. I am truly blessed by my family and my friends like you and Troy and The Birthday Princess. hugs, Linda

  8. Happy Birthday Princess!!! OMG..4?
    ~~peace & love & joy & blessings~~

  9. Happy Birthday to Princess.
    I love the tea cup and I think it was so nice of your mom to get it for you to add to your collection.
    Have a wonderful day.

  10. Beautiful tea cup. Your mom certainly has lovely taste. Birthday blessings to your sweet princess.

  11. OH wow...what a super beautiful cup indeed! I want one too now!! Gorgeous...enjoy this new special cup..it feels magical to me!! Lucky gal..enjoy enjoy!

  12. Very purdy indeed! I was out thrifting this weekend and was hoping to find something like this. Happy Birthday Princess and may you have a life filled with peace and joy!

  13. Diane that teacup and saucer set is gorgeous!!

  14. Diann, what a sweet post. I love the cup and saucer. You mom is a real sweetie. A tea party is always a treat. Happy Birthday to your little princess.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  15. I adore beautiful tea cups and saucers. I love it. What a wonderful mom you have.

  16. My what a lovely gift! How wonderful your mom had the opportunity to give you something you'll treasure for a long time to come! I am in a sentimental mood this morning and this made me miss my mom! Hug her tight! Love the Hydrangea clips - it is so much fun to find things in the oddest places! Love your thrifty finds and your stick-to-it-iveness to stay within your budget! What will power! Thanks so much for sharing this with A Return to Loveliness!
    God Bless,

  17. Such a beautiful teacup! It'll make a perfect Valentine tea and hope you do repost this for the holiday. What a thoughtful Mother you have!
    Childeren do grow up so fast. I've always said my best years of my life were when my children where small. Now I have precious grandchildren and they are such a joy.
    Nancy @ Two Cottages And Tea

  18. That is one of the prettiest tea cups I've ever seen. Love it! Lucky you.... Happy tea day! Pat

  19. The above thought is smart and doesn’t require any further addition. It’s perfect thought from my side.

  20. Happy Birthday to your blessed Lia!

    Your cup is gorgeous! When I first saw the image I was prepared to hear you say "I picked this beauty up for only $1.29!" I am so used to you getting fantastic deals. You are so lucky all the time! But anyways, glad that your mother was able to surprise you with it! Yay for mothers!
    I am so glad to see you back for T.T.!

  21. What a lovely teacup...and such a pretty table. Tuscan has always been a favorite and transferware is always perfect. Happy birthday to Princess!

  22. Happy Birthday to your little princess, Lia! She shares her birthday with royalty as Kate's was also yesterday!
    I adore your teacup! You have a very special mom to surprise you with that! I absolutely love it! Love the teapot too. Thanks for sharing your little beauty with us and have a wonderful week.


  23. Hello,
    Happy Birthday to your little princess. What a nice post. I am sure you are a similar good mother like your mother is to you. That was mighty nice that she bought that pretty cup for you. Sweet surprise! I wish you a happy time.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  24. Very nice teacup and sneaky mother or not, a generous gift.
    You can bring it out again for us to enjoy at Valentine's.

  25. Hi: What a beautiful tea cup! Your mother was so sweet to surprise you. Lucky lady! Blessings, Martha


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