Wire Hangers

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Today’s Tip of the Day is all about looking for alternatives using wire hangers. No Joan Crawford comments! LOL

Well, my mom wanted to hang some autumn wreaths around the cabin but, she didn’t have wreath hanger. However, she had plenty of wire coat hangers. I have done this many times when I don’t have a wreath hanger. You can cover the hanger with ribbon to disguise it.

Thanksgiving 2011 007Wire hangers are a MUST in your crafting supplies. There are just too many things that can be improvised using them!

I also have made many of my own wreath bases out of wire hangers. Basic wreaths used to be inexpensive. Not any more! And for the most part, unless I can find them super cheap, they are just not in my budget. So, I make my own out of wire hangers.

bevfabriccrafts_1734_18428664 A simple tutorial on how to make it, just click the picture above.

One year Troy made simple wire shaped Christmas trees (basically just cone shapes) and then attached Christmas lights to them and lined our sidewalk. We added some faux pine garland to them and they looked like pretty little trees.

In my Christmas decoration boxes I have a dozen or so wire hangers that were cut to fit the shelves over the doorwall and window in the living room. One end is bent straight down to slide between the shelf and the wall and the other end was shaped like a hook. This is how I hand my garland around the shelves.

This summer I bent a wire hanger into a large circle with a handle for the princess to make big bubbles. A simple bubble wand.

These are just a few things to upcycling old wire hangers.

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  1. GREAT ideas, each and every one.

  2. Wow, I bet the lil trees were just wonderful! If ya got a pict post it please!! Thanks for the tips and tricks, these will come in handy!

  3. Great ideas Diann!! I've made several wreaths with wire hangers in my lifetime, so far, but I love the idea to use one for the hanger itself! I HATE buying them, if I don't have to! Thanks, and hope you're enjoying your weekend! ~tina


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