Walk Around the Cabin with Me

Hi everyone!

** I wrote this post while we were up north at the cabin for Thanksgiving**

Today is a gorgeous day here at the cabin. The skies are clear and the sun is shining. So, I thought it would be a good day to walk around and take some pictures.

Let me give you a little history. In 1964 my grandparents bought 40 acres in Northern Michigan. This acreage is quite literally in the middle of the woods. You would have a hard time finding this place. Even now that with some small dirt roads, it’s tricky to find. That summer, my grandparents and my parents came up here with campers and started to build the cabin. The original cabin was built and many additions have been added throughout the years. The original structure was framed out with the trees that were cut down to make room for the cabin. They are still there.

Thanksgiving 2011 020Sorry about the bad picture. These beams are in the living room and are exactly the same as when it was built. Everything that was used to build this cabin was salvaged one way or another.

The cabin originally had a huge beautiful rock fireplace. However, it basically was collapsing (about 20 years ago) so, it was taken out and the living room was increased in size. We have gone through several different wood stoves over the years, this is the current one. And this is the sole heating for the cabin.

Thanksgiving 2011 091

Thanksgiving 2011 024I could not get clear pictures inside the cabin to save my life! There are just two many bodies in there and I kept getting bumped. Anyway, this large wood burning stove kicks out a ton of heat.as you can see, we always have a old pot of water sitting on top to help add moisture to the air.

Back to walking around the outside.

Thanksgiving 2011 034This is the back side of the cabin. My dad and nephew just finished building this back porch last year. That leaning board in the lower right corner is actually the opening to go under he cabin.

Thanksgiving 2011 035This is what you see from the back. It is a swamp. It used to be a lot more swampish but, over the years it has dried up quite a bit.

Thanksgiving 2011 036Every generation of kids that grew up going to the cabin  has built some kind of fort in the swamp. My grandpa always had tons of salvaged lumber, nails and tools for us to play with.

Thanksgiving 2011 038Okay, I had to add this picture because this is what you see all over the ground here. I should be picking these, drying them and selling them! They are much prettier than the ones you buy at the craft stores!

Thanksgiving 2011 037 This is the fire ring area.

Thanksgiving 2011 039In warmer weather there is tons of lawn chairs sitting around here.

Thanksgiving 2011 040  Thanksgiving 2011 042 This contraption is leaning over but, it is a heavy welded grill to stake into a campfire. My brother made one for each of us. It is the best way to cook over a campfire. Once you stake it in you can swivel it to where ever you want.

Thanksgiving 2011 043Thanksgiving 2011 044Thanksgiving 2011 045Looking at the back of the cabin. You can see where a large kitchen was added on to the cabin by the different color shingles (right side). And I will have you know, Troy and I redid that roof one summer, just the two of us. Oh, that is a whole other story!

  Thanksgiving 2011 047Thanksgiving 2011 048Thanksgiving 2011 049This is an old lean to shed that my grandpa and dad built way back when they first built the cabin. They need someplace to keep their tools. tractor, firewood and lumber.  Corners have collapsed and just been rebuilt for the years. My dad wants to build a pole barn soon.

Thanksgiving 2011 050   Thanksgiving 2011 053 Thanksgiving 2011 051 Yes, that is what you think it is. Although the cabin has indoor plumbing now, for many years, it did not. And, well,the guys still use this when they are out cleaning fish or whatever. To the right of the outhouse there is a path leading into the swamp and if you follow that path you come up to a good fishing lake.

Thanksgiving 2011 052This would be the fish cleaning area. There is a pump behind it (white bucket is covering it right now).

Thanksgiving 2011 073 We have a huge screened front porch and we all hang out there when the weather is nice. Including “Max”.

Thanksgiving 2011 077A job that is never done, splitting wood.

Thanksgiving 2011 079This is looking out toward the driveway. Our drive is about 1/2 mile through the woods. Taking our travel trailer back there is always interesting. We barely clear the trees. It is just a two rut type drive.

Thanksgiving 2011 002Normally my mom would never allow all the stuff piled up on the front porch but, since it was cold and everyone was up, it got used for storage.

Thanksgiving 2011 005

This cabin is filled with wonderful memories. It is a place that you can let down your hair and truly relax and get away from the every day stresses. It is the most peaceful place I can think of. And, although my grandparents have passed, I feel them at the cabin. Everywhere I look I can see them and that brings joy to my heart.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you are having a wonderful day!

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  1. What a wonderful place for a get away. Whether you are there alone as a family or with the hustle of extended family around, and memories being made as well as shared.

    I miss the days when we (cousins and all) went camping together. A place like your cabin has to bring out the kids in you all.

  2. Thank You for sharing your Lovely Spot of Heaven...If the cabin could talk I know it would have glorious stories to tell:)

  3. Hi lovely lady. This looks like a great place for family and friends to have a part of Heaven.

    We also have a place like this in West Texas we love going too.
    XXOO Diane

  4. What a great hideaway, Diann. Itm ust feel like playing house everytime you go there. It looks very peaceful and the memories are priceless...Christine

  5. I wish I had a play place like this, has to be so much fun. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  6. No phones, no traffic, no crowds...perfect for a little bit of relaxation! I love the smell of a woodburning stove/fireplace. Thanks for the tour, Diann.

  7. In the picture above Max, the fish cleaning area, there is a deer staring back at you.
    Connie Haack
    letsgosew at yahoo dot com

  8. Oh, your cabin is PERFECT! So many memories, what a lucky family!


  9. What a special place. Thank you for taking us along. It looks like a wonderful retreat. So many fun memories.

  10. You are so lucky. What a perfect hideaway. I have longed for a cabin in the woods near a lake for years. Yours is perfect. The memories you have shared there throughout the years bind the past with the present. I wish you and your family much happiness as you gather there. Take care.

  11. That is so beautiful and it would be a nice place to get away as you say.
    I wish I had a cabin to go to every now and then.
    Thanks for the tour.

  12. Looks like a peaceful place. My OW is up too.


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