She Believes

Hi everyone!

As most of you know, we have our own business, DTL Herbs. We have been doing some holiday shows lately. And the princess (almost 4 yrs old) had decided she wanted her own product to make and sell. So, she started making packets of Reindeer Food. With the exception of cutting the larger herbs stems and making the labels, she does everything else. She blends the herb stems, oatmeal and granola and packages them up. Then she staples the label on each bag.

The weekend that I was at the Girls Shopping Trip, she and Troy did a holiday craft show. Troy set her up with her own table for her reindeer food and made her a sign for her table. I had told her that whatever she sold would be her Christmas shopping money.

She had made 30 Reindeer Food to sell. She sold 20. She is a wonderful little sales person. Why? Because she is innocent. She truly believes that it is important to have some food ready for Santa’s reindeer when they come to your house. So she believes 100% in her product!

She sold each bag for $1.00. Troy said she would not take no for an answer from people. She was very concerned that someone would not have the reindeer food and Santa would not stop at their house.

Troy observed one particular customer incident:

An unsmiling older lady walked past the princess’s table.

Princess: Hi! Would you like to buy some of my Reindeer Food?

Customer: No!

Princess: But, Santa’s reindeer need to have something to eat when they come to your house.

Customer: Santa’s reindeer are on a diet. (I know, can you believe that comment? LOL)

Princess: But my product is all natural and helps them have energy!

Customer: No. I do not have $1.00 to spend on Reindeer Food! And she walked away.

The Princess sat there for awhile thinking about this. She then told Troy she would be right back. She snatched up a reindeer food and headed toward the customer.  Troy walked behind her, not knowing where she was going.

She caught up with the customer and tapped her. She then handed the Reindeer Food to her. The woman said, “I told you that I am not buying any of your reindeer food!”

The princess said, “I know because you don’t have any money. But, that’s okay because sometimes I don’t have any money either. But, I want to make sure Santa comes to your house so you can just have this one.” Then she walked back to her table.

The customer just grumbled and left the reindeer food on a table she was at and walked away. The princess didn’t see that part and Troy snatched the packet back up and didn’t tell her about it.

The princess didn’t say anything about this incident and just went back to selling her reindeer food.

Since this is my blog and I can say anything I want, I just want to say how proud I am of her! Even though she will make me insane on a daily basis, I know what kind of little person she is. She has an innocent heart. She cares about people. She is kind and sweet. And she Believes!

I took her to the dollar store so she could buy all her people (13) a Christmas gift that she picked out and paid for with her money she earned. Holy Cow! letting her pick out 13 gifts felt like it took 13 hours! LOL We tackled each name on her list one at a time. I am somewhat confused at some of the gifts but, she picked them out and that is what they are getting!

lia's 1st christmas shopping trip 2011 012 Afterward, she said she still had money left so she could take us (my mom joined us in this shopping adventure) out to lunch! She said, “Mama, I can pay this time!” And so we did just that! This was a very memorable day.

I knew she wanted to wrap her own gifts so, I decided to grab 13 paper lunch sacks and a bunch of Christmas stickers. She loves stickers so, she sat and decorated her own Christmas gift bags! She rolled each gift in tissue paper and put them in the decorated sacks. The only thing I did was write on each bag who it was to and then she signed each one herself.

lia's 1st christmas shopping trip 2011 002 Regardless of all the craziness going on in our life, THIS makes it all worth it!


  1. I love that. She has a given and caring heart. Would that everyone did. What a treasure. Thanks for sharing.


  2. What a sweet little girl you have. Princesses are pretty special people and she is one for sure. Have a Merry Christmas

  3. So sweet. If only the whole world was that loving, honest, innocent and heart felt, the world would truly be the perfect place to live. I'm glad she didn't see the mean lady lay the reindeer food down it would've broke her heart. I can't believe someone could even possibly be that rude to a child. How sad!! May you and yours have a very merry and blessed Christmas season.

  4. This story just makes my heart sing! You child is so sweet and innocent and loving! You and Troy are doing a wonderful job of raising her. I would buy a package of reindeer food for sure! hugs, Linda

  5. You have a precious little girl Diane. What wonderful parents you and hubby are!

  6. This is a very heart-warming post, Diann. Thank you so much for sharing with us. What a sweet little princess you have.

  7. How sweet and caring she is! You and Troy are doing a very good job raising your little princess!
    Hugs, Beth

  8. INSPIRATIONAL. What a big heart. She's a sweetheart. I'm glad the Reindeer got their food because of her. She Believes and so do I.

  9. Absolutely wonderful story! She's a wonderful girl!

  10. Hi Diann,
    That almost made me cry! Your precious little girl has a giving heart! How rude that person was....unbelievable....I'm posting this to my facebook!
    Merry Christmas!
    Love & Hugs!

  11. I love this story!!! Children learn what they live, and you have obviously set a wonderful example.

    Merry Christmas!

  12. I also got a little teary when I read about this.
    I can not believe that person being so rude.
    You little gal sure does have a great big heart.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  13. This is so sweet.
    I hope other people witnessed the Princess'es caring and generous gesture that day and decided to pay it forward as a result.
    I also hope the older woman thinks about this, maybe even relates to others about the child who followed her and THEY tell her how rude and insensitive she was. Maybe like the Grinch her heart will increase in size because of the loving act of a child.


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