“Santa” Loves Bargains!

Hi everyone!

Last night Troy and I stopped at S.A. to look around. And I really hit the jackpot on some items! Since the Princess is only three, she gets excited opening up a new coloring book from the dollar store. And I know this will not last so, I am taking advantage of this age and really looking for thrifty things from Santa!

Since she had spent a lot of time shopping with me at the thrift stores, she really doesn’t realize that not everyone does that. It is normal to her. She doesn’t really know the difference between something used and something new. It is all new to her. As most of you know, I buy all year long for gifts. I really hit the big seasonal markdowns, yard sales, used book sales ect. I have a lot of new toys and clothes for the Princess that I paid a fraction of the price.

Well, last night, I finished up Santa’s Christmas shopping. Woohoo!

The Princess loves her critters. That is her name for all her stuffed animal friends. Every night before bed we line her bed up with all her friends. She has them on shelves as well. Most of her stuffed animals I have bought her have been 2nd hand. they have all be in great condition and I just run them through the washing machine and dry them. I haven’t bought her any new ones since last Christmas. So, I was checking out the huge bin of stuffed animals at S.A. I found several big ones with the original price tags on and in wonderful shape but, they were not priced.

I found the manager and she informed me that all the stuffed animals and things in that bin were .99 cents each! Hooray!!

Check out all these adorable “critters” Santa got her!

 Christmas decor 2011 011

Forgive the old blanket on the couch. It is kept in our truck to wrap fragile things or “hide” other things.

Christmas decor 2011 012This reindeer was new with the tags still on.

Christmas decor 2011 013 She is going to be so excited when she sees these!

Christmas decor 2011 016 I can’t believe I am going to say this but, OMG I was so excited to find this “Captain Feathersword” talking sword! Yup, those are words I never thought I would be saying at the age of 48. Then again, I never thought I would EVER say those words let alone know what the heck I was talking about! LOL

Christmas decor 2011 017-tile Captain Feathersword is one of the Wiggles characters and the princess loves them! I checked out their online store and they no longer seem to carry the talking sword but, one the same size that is just plain and doesn’t do anything is $12.95. I did see a used one on Ebay for $15.95 + $8.45 S&H! This feathery stuffed sword was included in the .99 cent bin and is in great shape and works just fine! Yippee! This toy will get wrapped.

wigglescapn200The Wiggles with Captain Feathersword in front.

When we got home last night I had a FedEx package in our door. Don’t you still get excited to have packages delivered to you? Me too! It was the latest new Purex laundry detergent called Purex Triple Action. Well, as soon as the Princess went to bed I grabbed the bags of stuffed critters from the truck and started washing them in the new Purex.


I actually teamed up with Purex because it is a product that I have been using for years and love. So, getting the opportunity to be one of the first to try their new products as so wonderful for me! And this new Triple Action did not let me down!


Not only is Purex constantly improving their products, they still are by far the BEST value in laundry detergents! And we all love that! They are the brand I use all the time whether it is testing their products or just going out and buying laundry detergent. I always buy Purex and I always can get coupons for it to save even more money!

So, all these adorable thrifted stuffed animals got their baths in the new Purex Triple Action detergent and you can see for yourself that they all look wonderful! And they smell fantastic! Hey! I just realized, I can say that Santa uses and prefers Purex Triple Action! LOL I should be in a commercial! ……shudder……..what a scary thought!

And because my friends at Purex are so awesome, sometime in the next couple of weeks a few of you will have the chance to receive your own full size new Triple Action Purex detergent right here at The Thrifty Groove!!


  1. You did well, but I never expect less. Nice promo for Purex as well.
    Might I suggest saving at least the red monkey for Valentine's day?
    I got lucky this week. The man is doing a seasonal job this Dec hopping on and off the big brown truck delivering packages. Of course they want him to dress all in brown.
    I found a new deep brown outdoor workshirt (heavier fabric) at the thrift, the right size, and it had the discounted tag color! I was so excited. Holiday magic.

  2. Love that you found Christmas gifts at SA. My kids have been getting yard sale, thrift store Christmas and birthday gifts all their lives and they think it rocks at ages 15 and 12 - for Christmas my daughter asked me to buy her friend's iPod to give her - so I did! And she's just thrilled :) You did really good, friend!


  3. What GREAT finds. I'm crazy about that stuffed REINDEER and the Wiggles FEATHERY sword. The PRINCESS is going to LOVE them. Never tried Purex before. I'm an ALL girl. But the truth is it is increasingly hard to find, so I am going to have to ultimately switch brands. I think I will give Purex a try after hearing you rave about it. Take care.

  4. I love her new 'critters' and that Purex is great stuff! I'm glad Santa is done! lol...hugs, Linda

  5. Our 3 yr old grand daughter also collects what she fondly refers to as her "lovies"...And she has shelves and a bed full...

  6. Santa, is sooooo smart. Hugs, Ginger


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