Santa Candy

Hi everyone!

I grew up with the custom of Santa bringing candy and leaving it in dishes through out the living room and dining room. This was one of the exciting things we looked forward to as kids. We didn’t have a lot of candy on a regular basis in our house so, this was a huge treat.

Santa brought us some candy as well. And believe me, Santa really tried to use constraint in buying the candy!

Christmas decor 2011 144There was more but, you get the idea.

Well, after allowing the princess one free for all day on Christmas, we have been letting her have a few pieces each day. Which is hard when she is looking at it all day long. And the bigger problem is Troy and I! LOL In the evening while watching TV, it is way to difficult to resist! And you can easily eat it without even realizing it!

So, now the candy is all in the cookie jar. It’s harder to get to and you are aware of getting it. We all still pick out a few pieces a day but, no longer is it in our face!

Do you have Santa candy and if so, do you leave it out until it is all eaten or do you put it away?


  1. I always got some candy in my stocking and my Dad always got us a box of chocolate covered cherries! I now have to put it where it is harder to get or like you I will just eat it up! Sugar high! lol

  2. Hell! If I had Santa candy I know it would be gone before Santa even began to check his naughty or nice list.

  3. I know what you mean about candies, Diann. They are very tempting...Christine

  4. What is it about Christmas and candy? It's TRADITION. I had to throw away a ton of stuff I still had in the cupboards from last year. Got some this year as gifts, plus the new stash I got so we're rolling in it here, too. ENJOY it while it lasts. LOL Take care.

  5. OMG! Candy is my weekness, specially the almond brittle type. I gave a ton away from the grandchildren this, as they left them when they went home to another city...if not I would have been munching every day! Thanks you for youer sweet visit and lovelt comments. I want to wish you a wonderful New Year, filled with happiness and good health.


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