Revisiting 2010 Silver and White Christmas

Hi Everyone!

This is a repeat from last year. I didn't do a lot of decorating (was sick most of the holiday) but, I did get our dining room decorated in Silver and White.

I hope you enjoy!

Well, Christmas decorating here at Casa Chaos is moving along a little slowly. Usually I am one of those people that gather all my boxes of Christmas decorations and just go to town decorating. Not this year. We seem to have a whole lot of other things going on so, it is a little decorating here and there.

Normally I do our dining room in lots of gold, wine and forest green colors. This year, however, I am doing a bit of a dramatic change. All silver and white! The reason? Russia. Huh?

Let me explain. One of our favorite Christmas traditions is a tradition Troy and I started with my parents the year before we got married. And that is, we host a International Christmas dinner for my parents on Christmas night. Every year, we pick a different country and try our best to create a traditional Christmas dinner from that country. And this year is Russia.

We spend the year researching out the traditions of that country's Christmas/Holiday. Let's just say that over the last 12 years, we have had some very interesting Christmas dinners! 90% of what we serve is completely unfamiliar to us.

I try to add an element of that country into my decorating of the dining room. When I thought of Russia, I thought of cold, ice and snow. So, that is the reason for all silver and white.

So, with that in mind, here are some of my dining room decorations so far. Oh, and let's not forget, I am on a super tight budget! LOL

I started on the dining room table. I found this set of two white poinsettia place mats at the dollar store. I thought they were perfect for what I needed.

This past summer I got this huge heavy glass cookie jar at a yard sale for free. It was on the "free table" because it has a chip in the lid. I told the woman I would still have bought it and even offered her some money and she said no, she just wants it gone. The day after Thanksgiving, I told you that the only store I went to was a local thrift store because they were having everything in the store 50% off. Well, she had a lot of Christmas stuff and I found 4 boxes of silver bulbs for .45 cents each. The large bulbs are quite old. I added some dollar store white poinsettias and silver leaves.

I also bought several of the little silver trees at the thrift store for .25 cents each.

Next, I have this old bakers shelf on the brick wall in our dining room, which by the way I really despise this wall. LOL Anyway, I started out with my mercury glass jar that I got last year at Home Goods Store and then I used a couple of cheese domes I had, cheap glass candlsticks and plain white plates. The cheese domes don't even match, but who cares. I added dollar store poinsettias and other faux pretties along with a white roping. I picked up a package of 30 little wrapped packages also at the dollar store. And at the thrift store, I had bought this huge bag of misc. silver tree decorations for $1.50. I used a couple of silver cherubs and the silver sleighs in each of the cloches.

So, that is what I have decorated so far in the dining room. And here is just a little cloche I haven't finished yet. I need to go through my stash of ribbon and find a pretty red one to tie on here and I wanted to add some fake snow. I went to 3 dollar stores last night looking for fake snow and each one of them said they were sold out.


  1. Your displays are beautiful. When I was a Floral Designer I did a wedding for a couple in Silver with Purple accents. I also did our Christmas Tree in white poinsettias and silver berry garland, one year, and I was miserable. I discovered I'm a Red and Green gal at the holidays. Except for my little silver tree and my old fashioned lights.

  2. I love the idea of celebrating with a certain theme. Your table is set so beautiful.
    I am one that needs to have colors around me.

  3. Diann I remember this gorgeous dining room from last year. I also remember how sick you got and that you postponed the Russian meal. Did you ever have it? I So what is this years theme? Can't wait to find out...I know you guys are super busy again this year. Hugs, Linda

  4. Diann, This is lovely. Just shows what you can do o a budget. Blessings,

  5. Love the white and silver...reminds me of ice skating for some reason!

  6. What a beautiful arrangement! I love the icy colors. We'd love to have you share it at our linky party.


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