A Gift and Merry Christmas!

Hi everyone!

We get a real tree every year for Christmas. We usually go to a tree farm and cut one down. If you buy a real tree every year, you know how insane the prices have become! This year we had planned on cutting down our own while we were at the cabin. A tree was picked out and then we realized that we also had to close down our trailer for the year and that meant everything had to come out of it. So, our truck was totally packed and there was no room for the tree. Bummer!

While I was out and about, my oldest nephew Zack (19 yrs. old) called me. He asked if we had gotten a Christmas tree yet. I told him that we hadn’t. He said he has one for us, if we want it. Huh? I was puzzled. He explained that his buddy was up north and cut down some trees on his property and brought them back down here for some friends and family. Zack was helping to deliver them and they ended up with a couple left over. So, he thought of us.

Even though our Christmas tree decorations are packed away in storage, we planned to dig them out. After hours of looking we still couldn’t find them. And then the rain started. And I swear, the rain hasn’t stopped for days. Everywhere you look roads are closed due to flooding.

I can’t believe that I finally told Troy, forget about it, I will just pick up some ornaments and be happy with it as it is.

I was talking to my mom and she asked if I had found the Christmas tree ornaments. I told her no and what I planned to do. She told me to go upstairs and go through all the Christmas stuff she wasn’t using. Sure enough, she had a lot of old bulbs that she didn’t use this year.

mom I ran to the Dollar Tree and just picked up a couple of non-bulb ornaments to add. And of course some candy canes.

dto And the Princess was given several homemade ornaments at a holiday show she recently went to with Troy.

hmoThen I stopped at a small local Hardware Store and picked through a big basket of individual ornaments that had come off floor display trees that were sold. They had a basket of ornaments for .15 cents each and some for .50 cents each. I bought a few of each.

ho  I have to tell you, the Christmas tree is my favorite Christmas decoration. If I had absolutely no other holiday decorations up but, had my Christmas tree, I would be okay with that. I know a lot of you must do this, after everyone has gone to bed and the house is dark and quiet, I love to get a cup of tea, curl up and just have the Christmas tree lights on and let my mind wander to Christmas’s past.

I love to see all the beautiful themed trees out there and I like to do some small themed trees myself. However, when it comes to our main Christmas tree, the one with all the presents under it, it will always be a real tree with a mish-mash of ornaments. Because that is the family tree. It tells our life story. I have very few bulbs usually on our tree. Every individual ornament was picked out and has a story behind it. I can literally trace our life through the Christmas ornaments. And each one of them touches my heart.

So, when I couldn’t find our Christmas tree ornaments, I became very sad and kind of depressed. I know, that sounds corny huh? Not having all my regular Christmas decorations was one thing but, to not have my tree ornaments was kind of a final straw thing.

That evening after decorating the tree Zack gave us and using my mom’s old bulbs, the cheap ornaments I picked up and added the silly ornaments that the princess had received as gifts, I prayed for strength. I prayed to the Lord to lighten my heart and to enjoy what I have and see things differently. After about an hour of sitting there in the dark with the Christmas tree glowing I felt tears running down my face. When I looked at the tree I did see family. A tree given to us by an amazing and sweet nephew. He thought of us and took the time to bring a beautiful tree to our home. I saw my brother who is the father of the wonderful young man. The fact that he raised Zack and my 2 other nephews to become loving and caring young men all by himself. I saw my mom with her generous heart sharing some of her past memories with me by giving me the old Christmas bulbs to use. And that sparked all my wonderful childhood Christmas memories that both of my parents gave me. And then I saw the new homemade ornaments that the Princess had received from various vendors at a craft show she went to with Troy to sell our products. They gave them to her because she was so sweet and well behaved. I realized how lucky I am to have this beautiful little soul in my life and to see Christmas through her eyes where everything is a miracle. And I saw my husband who was in a great deal of pain but, spent time out in the cold moving, lifting and shoving things around to try and find the Christmas tree ornaments for me because he knew how much they meant to me.

Yes, this year’s Christmas tree is different. It is a gift from my family. All the people I love with all my heart. Thank you Lord for giving me this amazing gift of Family and Love.


Merry Christmas to each and everyone of you!


  1. Lovely post, you nephew was wonderful to give you the tree and I am sure it looks beautiful. I hope you hubby is well. Take care and I wish you all a Merry Christmas to you and your family!!

  2. You've told a beautiful christmas story and I thank you for it. Finding the gift in all things, is the Gift and you have shared yours with us, so the gift goes on and on.
    Merry Christmas

  3. Merry Christmas!

    The best gift of all is a loving family that pulls together.

  4. A beautiful post! Thanx for sharing! And Merry Christmas!

  5. Sniff sniff, aw this is the sweetest story and makes me so happy! I too love my tree the best with all the old ornaments and new one's that friends give me. It is a 'memory' tree for sure. I would miss my ornaments but the blessing that you received from a different kind of Christmas tree this year is priceless. God gives us all that we need and more! Sending you much love and joy on this wonderful Christmas day! love you, Linda

  6. What a wonderful gift. From the tree to the ornaments. I am glad you were so blessed on Christmas Day.

  7. Oh, these stories make the Holidays even more Special.

    Mery and Blessed Christmas to you and your Amazing Family.


  8. I love it! What a great way to look at it. You will always remember this tree and the new memories it has made!
    Hugs, Lisa

  9. Hi lovely lady.
    This was a Beautiful post with Your stories for the Holidays. I would like to thank you so much for your gift on your give-a-way just came today.
    I will use all of your great Carmex skin healing cream's I need them all. Thanksssss so much you are so sweet.
    XXOO Diane

  10. What a wonderful, heart-felt post. Your family Christmas tree has me teared up. God always knows exactly how to change our hearts when we ask Him.

    New follower!


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