Don’t Ruin Your Everyday Candles

Hi everyone!

I just thought I would share another way to add a little holiday flair to your everyday candles and not do it permanently. I like to use my candles over and over again so, I don’t like to glue things to them at holiday times. Not to mention, storing all the different holiday candles can take up more storage room and you still want every day candles.

I have showed you in the past several things I do, such as:

  • Gluing leaves together to create a sleeve for your candle. Easy to slide off and on.
  • Tie Ribbons around candles
  • Use seasonal scrapbook papers and tape around candles.

Ya’ll know that I am keeping it simple and thrifty this year. So, here is another idea I would like to share with you.

I found this pretty twisted Christmas cording at the dollar store. I thought it would be a nice holiday touch to a few candles.

Christmas decor 2011 040Use straight pins. It takes some effort to completely insert them. I used a small hammer to tap them in. Also, when using a cording like this, wrap the end in some tape to hold it all together and pin through it.

Christmas decor 2011 041I wanted some of the candle showing through and not completely covered in the cording.

Christmas decor 2011 047 Simple, quick, thrifty and pretty! That seems to be my motto this Christmas! LOL


  1. Diann that is so pretty and looks very high end! Great idea! hugs, Linda

  2. I love your Christmas candle. What a great idea. I often use those candle rings that slip over a candle and as the seasons change, I change the ring. But your idea is one I'd never thought to do. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Diane, your Christmas Candle is very pretty. I generally burn all my candles, so I do decorate the every day candles I use. This is a great idea!

  4. That is a very clever idea and thanks for sharing it.
    Have a great weekend.

  5. Very cool idea! Looks great.

  6. Sweet !!! thanks for sharing ... it looks very elegant.

    If you have sequin pins, it might be easier to get them pushed in ... mine are 3/4" long and quite thin.

    I'm going to try this tonight!

  7. That cording makes the candle look fantastic.

  8. That is neat. VERY pretty. Just curious, though? Is it just to look at, or use? As the candle burns down, doesn't it risk catching the cord on fire? Fire scares me, so I'm always looking for potential hazards.

  9. Pretty and simple, I love it! That's a great motto.

  10. Good idea, you'd pay a fortune for a decorative candle like that.

  11. I love this idea! I have some wide Christmas ribbon that might work well, too! I need to think outside the box! Happy holidays! ♥

  12. In essence so simple yet the result very elegant.


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