Christmas Cookies: Messy and Fun!

Hi everyone!

Back when my nephews were just little tots, I started a tradition with them at Christmas. We would set a date and the 3 of them would stay the night with me and we would put Christmas movies on and decorate Christmas Sugar cookies. That is when I discovered how handy cheapo dollar store tablecloths were! On the table and UNDER the table!

Since they are now, 19, 18 and 16, the whole staying the night at Aunt Diann’s and decorating Christmas cookies is quite as fun. However, handing the torch so to speak over to them is fun! So, this year, I made all the stuff for the cookies and made dinner and hauled it all to my brother’s house. My nephews decorated Christmas cookies with the Princess. And she had a blast and so did the boys!


The Princess is finally deciding to use a different color other than blue! Woohoo! That’s me in the background trying to decorate different cookies in different colors as fast as I could so we didn’t have a Blue Christmas! LOL

IMG_0608IMG_0602She really did great decorating. After the first 2 times of licking her fingers clean and then hauling her off to wash her hands, she remembered to use her napkin to wipe off the icing. And Zack and Chris, if you read this, just know that you NEVER quite got the hang of not licking you fingers! LOL  

IMG_0606IMG_0603Yup, Christmas mess is so fun! 

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  1. I too had some ChristMESS fun with my little one last night, we made Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer cookies out of Nutter Butters. They are so cute but he quickly got bored and started looking for other things to get messy. LOL.

  2. Now that looks like fun! Something I might have to start with my Grand when he is a bit older. So much fun and such a mess...perfect! hugs, Linda

  3. Looks like fun Diann! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas-enjoy:@)

  4. What a wonderful Christmas tradition. Looks like a good time was had by all. MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your loved ones. Glad it won't be a Blue, BLUE Christmas. LOL

  5. Diann,
    How cute! Thank you for joining me at HSH!


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