Use Those Clemetine "Crates/Boxes"!

Hi everyone!

Don't you just love when you open up your cabinet to get something out and a bunch of bagged side dishes or boxes come tumbling out at you. Of course not, but, it happens to me all the time. Boxes in the pantry are easy to deal with but, all those bags of things, not so much. You can't stack them and they just come flying out whenever I take out a box of something.

I thought I would go out and get some plastic baskets to put the bagged items in to keep them together.

However, this is the time of the year that you can start getting Clementines at a decent price. And don't you love those "crates" they come in? They are so handy!

They work perfect in the cabinet. They may not be all spiffy or anything but, they were free and they work to keep these odds and ends bags organized.

Do you reuse something to help organize that would normally get thrown away?


  1. You can even cover that with fabric, it would be darling!

  2. Another great idea Diann, I just happen to have one of those boxes. I hope I didn't toss it out.

  3. Diane, I love how you re-use and re-purpose. Things do not have to be pretty to be useful! I think the box itself is decorative especially in your pantry!. I glean so many good ideas from your blog!

  4. So....will you send me the
    Cuties if I send you the box?

  5. Super idea, especially for those of us who live in RVs! K

  6. Neat idea. I buy those clementines all the time. I am wasting a great organizational tool. Hugs,

  7. I save and reuse cottage cheese containers. If I want to send leftovers home with the kids, I don't have to worry about if I'm going to get my containers back. I also make huge amounts of soup and my hubby is a great leftover eater, so I just fill a cottage cheese container, pop them in the freezer, and walla, a serving of soup to reheat in the microwave. All kinds of uses for cottage cheese containers.

  8. I save most everything! This is a great idea! I love cuties! Yum!

  9. Good idea ... i bet those "crates" would be good for plastic lids, too.

    I occasionally buy a big screw-top container of pretzels or other snacks ... I can't wait to empty them because the clear plastic cylinders are great for all my craft ribbon spools. I have some that are more barrel-shaped, each containing elastic pieces, velcro, ribbon "shorties", selvedges, etc.

    And for a year or so I bought a certain brand of peanuts because of the tall, slim plastic jars, and sorted all my buttons by color.

    Being able to see what I have has prevented more duplicate purchases. How did I get so many spools of red ribbon, anyway?


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