Thrifty Tablescape Party #5

Hi everyone!

Wow, it’s November already! Thanksgiving is right around the corner. This year, for the first time in about 15 years, we will be spending Thanksgiving at our family cabin. My entire family will be up there. So, it will be just a big fun family holiday. We are really looking forward to it!

So, I won’t be doing a full blown thanksgiving tablescape this year. That should make the princess happy because last Thanksgiving she spent about 30 minutes sitting at the table saying, “Mama, can we eat yet??!! No more pictures Mama!!”

Originally I planned on setting a thrifty Thanksgiving tablescape for the November TT party. Instead, I am sharing a bunch of new to me thrift finds!

I have been very good regarding thrifting lately. I have mainly been searching for certain things to make into resale items or for our business. So, I haven’t bought a lot of thrifts for myself. However, about 90% of this table is made up of thrift treasures that I have found throughout last month and have been saving to share at this party!

Okay, let’s get this party started!

I started with this olive green fringed tablecloth. This was a freebie. A few year ago I was shopping at one of my favorite antique stores and found lots of beautiful thrifty dishes. The owner of the business was wrapping all my purchases and ran out of paper. So she grabbed these “Old tablecloths that I didn’t know what to do with” (her words) and wrapped my dishes in. I got this vintage one and a gold fringed one as well.

TT5 001Today I am setting the table for the three of us so, I used 3 of my natural bamboo .59 cents placemats. Full retail price…whoa Diann! You know you will see these same placemats at SA in the future and priced at $1.99 each!

TT5 004 I found these dishes at Value World and just fell in love with them! They are a white ironstone with a dark green pattern.

TT5 005Don’t you love different shaped dishes?

TT5 006And I bought the bowls as well.

TT5 007TT5 008Pretty details.

TT5 009Hum. Looking at the tablecloth, placemats and dishes, the whole look is all wrong.   This is the part we as blogging tablescapers don’t usually show but, I need to find different linens because this is so not working for me.  Tell me this has never happened to you? You have the look in your head and then when things start to be put together, it is totally not what you thought it would be!

Okay, I will be right back…….lalala…….

I decided to go with using plain chocolate brown napkins for placemats. I couldn’t pass up the price of .25 cents each. I got these at the grocery store.

TT5 012-horzI love the rich colors and the wonderful design on this fabric and used it as a small table runner.

TT5 013 Isn’t it gorgeous! It is actually a thrifted pillowcase I found at a yard sale for .25 cents a couple of years ago.

TT5 014Okay, let me put the dishes back on the table and add all the other things.

TT5 016I added the gold raise leaf/grape charger. I paid full price for these at The Christmas Tree Shops!  $1.69 each. So, this is definitely my most thrifty tablescape but, still not bad.

TT5 017 Here is the table setting.

TT5 018

Did anyone else buy these leaf napkin rings at he dollar store? I thought they were fun and you can’t beat 4 napkin rings for $1.00! TT5 019

I told you all about stopping at an estate sale a few weeks ago. I bought these two different sets of glasses there. Each glass was .10 cent.

TT5 020 Add a few dollar store leaves.

TT5 023Dollar store acorns.

TT5 021I love, love, love using copper during the Autumn months! It is just perfect if you ask me.   I have slowly been accumulating some fun copper pieces while thrifting. I found this set at SA. It is made my Coppercraft Guild which was a "pre-Tupperware" home party company that sold decorative copper home decor items. It has 9 pieces in the set (I didn’t use the gravy boat). It was marked $6.99 and then it was 50% off that price. I really like this set a lot!

TT5 025TT5 027As you can see, I am using the round copper cups to hold tealights.

TT5 028The details aren’t really showing up very well. But, they are so pretty! 

TT5 024I just added a few pumpkins that I swiped from around the house.

TT5 034Here are just random pictures of my thrifty November tablescape!

TT5 029TT5 030TT5 031I love all the warm tones and various metals and then to add white just makes it all pop. 

TT5 033TT5 035TT5 032Alright, that’s my table. Let’s see your thrifty table! I can’t wait to see what you have come up with!     


  1. That copper gleams so lovely. Back in the day, there was a company that sold copper at home parties. I couldn't afford it at the time. I wonder if these pieces were from that. I also love those acorns. How cute.

  2. It is amazing what you can find if you take the time to look around. Thrift stores and dollar stores make it very inexpensive to set a great table. I love the fact that you are going to be going to the cabin and be with all your family for Thanksgiving. I hope you all have a wonderful time.

  3. OMG! I love the dishes, the glasses, the copper...darn it! I love it all!!!! I think you made the perfect decision to go with the beautiful runner/ pillow case! Thanks for stopping by and reminding me to link up to your great party!

  4. What a great post! Those are all such wonderful finds!!! LOVE the copper. It is such a stunning fall accent! Thanks for hosting this great party! Glad to link up!

  5. I love those dishes Diann! Oh you know I have stopped in the middle of a tablescape and changed think a look will work but then it doesn't. I love the plainer backdrop for the place setting. The copper items are so pretty and something to use this time of year. I am so happy I did this table before leaving home so I could join in! Hugs, Linda

  6. Such fabulous finds, wow! I love all the copper set, it is great for fall, it looks wonderful, warm and inviting. I love this tablescape. Thanks for hosting. Have a nice weekend. FABBY

  7. I'm in love with your blog :).
    It is teaching me to fall in love again with pieces I already have and looking for thrifties (and, girl, am I having the best of times) for new arrangements.
    Wish you, dearh hubby and Princess a great and funny weekend,

  8. Diann, you do thrifty tables so well! I love those octagonal dishes...I am sure the pattern is Provincial Flower. I really like the warm glow the tea lights give off in the copper holders.

  9. Wow your table settings are wonderful! I love the leaves! I linked up my colorful place settings! Thanks for hosting!

  10. Your dishes are the copper.
    Thanks so much for hosting.
    xo bj

  11. I love your copper! I don't have much but I used it this week in my table. I bought those chargers too, LOL
    Love the dishes. Very pretty and thrifty table, Diann . Thanks for hosting.

  12. Thought id say hello while passing your blog by, and i hope you folks have a very nice weekend. We are maybe a little past fall peek colors for taking pictures of our tree's here in central Pennsylvania, but ill try anyway to go out one last time to snap some images. Richard from the Amish community of Lebanon Pennsylvania.

  13. ooooo, how i love this setting!! the shapely plates, and the feel of autumn on this tablescape is absolutely perfect!!
    you are such a mentor for me.

  14. What a great table! I love the copper accents. It looks so warm and comforting. I could see a hearty meal being served up just now.
    I love the china, the shape is so neat and such a deal you got on the copper and the glasses with the copper leaves were perfect. Beautiful, Hugs, Ginger

  15. Am I late for your giveaway?! Anyway, I have your buttons on my side bar, thanks for hosting and for the giveaway chance, if there's still one going on. Have a blessed Sunday. FABBY

  16. I love your table! I have that same coffee carafe, I use it every year for my ladies holiday brunch!



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