Revisit Thanksgiving 2009

Hi everyone!

I thought I would schedule this post from 2009. It was my first time joining in the tablescaping parties.

Here are pictures of the table settings and centerpiece basically finished. This is before food is added to the table obviously. LOL

I didn't want a huge centerpiece. I like to look at my Hubby while we talk over dinner.
The centerpiece is an old mirror bought at Salvation Army to be redone at some point for $1.49
The 4 wooden carved balls were bought at Family Dollar for $1.00 each! I love them and very excited to find them at Family Dollar. I bought them back in the Spring. I have 2 antique amber glass candlesticks and a crystal candlestick with a small metal dish attached to it and crystals dangling off it. I love this piece. I bought it at Salvation Army for $1.29. And then just an Autumn bush cut apart and tucked in.
The two crystal candlestickes on both ends of the centerpiece were bought at a flea market for $3.00 for the pair. It was the end of the day and a lot of the booths were selling all their items at 50% off. That is pretty much when I do most of my buying. LOL

How the table was put together..the "layering"

Oops, should have taken the tablecloth out of the package sooner and let the wrinkles fall out or iron it. Oh well, there will be plenty of food on the table, it won't really be noticable. I got this tablecloth last winter and forgot about it. LOL. I bought it clearanced at Walmart.

I just bought this table runner at Big Lots for $3.00. It was 50% off.

I got a set of 4 of these maple leaf placemats at Goodwill for $2.50 (for 4).
These Gold Chargers were purchased in a box of 4 for $5.00.
I have entire setting for 4 of these white dishes. I got the entire set for $4.50 at Salvation Army last year.

This "Mocha Glass" dessert/salad plates bought at Walmart for $1.00 each. These are everyday Walmart dishes that they sell all the time.
The bowls are an antique mall find. There was only 3 of this set and apparently nobody will buy "3" bowls....well, except me. I got all three for $1.50! They are Ironstone made by J & G Meakin (England) called Royal Staffordshire "Windsong".
The sunflower dishes were bought a couple of weeks ago at Cracker Barrel at 40% off. We used them as our "relish" bowls.
I have had these napkins for awhile now (clearanced at Walmart). The napkin rings are beaded bracelets from the dollar store. And my silverware is Oneida "Distinction Deluxe". I have 2 complete sets (plus all the accessories) for about 25 years. And then my grandma got 2 more sets for us as a wedding gift 10 years ago.
The glasses are: Tumblers by Jennifer Ferrell Collection. Bought at Big Lots recently for .90 cents a glass. The amber wine glasses were bought at an antique mall for $1.50 each. The Cut Crystal goblets I got a set of 8 of them about 30 years ago (they came in a velvet lined box) in exchange for babysitting for a guy who was a salesman for a China company. See, even at age 15 I was thrifty! LOL

Some upclose of the centerpiece.

Now for the Food!

Okay, just for the record, I do not like nor do I eat or cook yams...bleck! So, Troy kinda got caught up in doing something else so, the marshmallows got a little over done.

Do you like my little "butter dishes"? I used the dollar store pumpkin votive dishes.
I bought this water pitcher at Home Goods store a couple of years ago for $2.00
I love my little tureen. Tou can't tell by the picture but the color of the design is a dark green. I got it at an antique mall. We used is as a gravy tureen tonight.
I just bought this creamy yellow dish at Home Goods a few days ago. I love this whole set but, it is a little too expensive for me right now to buy. However, you can see a small chip on the rim so I got it for $3.00!!

I used a couple of my carnival glass pieces.

And Desserts......

I got this large glass candle holder/hurricane thing at an antiques store. They had 2 of them and this one was marked $2.00 the other one was $25.00. Someone had knocked the candle over inside it and it broke the glass. But, the break was clean and they glued it back together. You can't notice it from this angle.
I filled it with some raffia covered pumpkins and cut apart floral bushes. The pumpkins and bushes were 50% off at Michaels

Ready for pies!

Dishes are cleared from the table, first load of dishes are in the dishwasher, food has all been packaged up and put in the fridge, our tummies are settled down and ready for coffee and pie!

Wow! If you made it all the way through all these 100's of pictures, I am super impressed!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We are so blessed and so grateful for all that we have.

Oh, and on a side note, I said a thank you for the invention of zip lock bags and dishwashers!!


  1. Such a beautiful tablescape. All your food looks delicious too. I couldn't agree more about zip lock bags and dishwashers!! Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

  2. This was fun to go back and see your tablescape from several years ago! I know you are having a good week enjoying family. hugs, Linda

  3. Beautiful table, Diann...and all the food is making me hungry. I am still coveting that lovely little tureen...
    Enjoy your family, that is what this is all about.
    Wishing you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Dear Dian
    What a beautiful table you set and the food looks so good.
    I can not set a table like that as we have to do buffet style this year with all of those coming.
    Have a blessed day dear friend.

  5. Many Blessings to you and your love ones this Thanksgiving..Hugs and smiles Gloria

  6. Happy Thanksgiving. Beautiful tablescape.

  7. Very prety tablescape! Have a Happy Thanksgiving:)


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