Revisit~ Christmas Dinner 2009

Hi everyone!

We should be heading home from the cabin today. So, I will be bck soon!

I can't believe that tomorrow is 2010! What happen to it just being the whole "Y2K" freak out? LOL

This was our Christmas table. We host an International Christmas Evening Dinner for my parents every year. We pick a country and Troy and I create a traditional Christmas dinner from that country. On average, 6-8 courses are to be served. You can see the menu and the recipes of this year's dinner at this post.

I didn't take "break-down" pictures like I normally do. Sorry about that. It was just very busy getting everything ready.

I really like to keep the centerpiece to a minimum. I don't want to have to bob my head around a big centerpiece to speak to the guests sitting at the table. And also, there was enough pieces to each setting that a big centerpiece would distract from the place settings and would be way too cluttered.

The Gold Brocade color on color tablecloth was a awesome bargain at a second hand store this past summer for only $2.00. It is in perfect condition!

Don't you just LOVE the little individual white soup tureens? They are just too cute! I got them at T J Maxx (here is the post I did about them earlier this week). The napkins were purchased last year after Christmas at the Home Goods Store. The set came with 6 napkins and a tablecloth. The whole set was clearanced to $5.00.

The charger plates were new this year. However, they didn't cost me a dime because I used a Target gift card that I had gotten for my birthday to pay for them (along with the gold butter knives! Thanks Sherry! :)

The first salad plate and the matching dinner plate are part of a complete 5 piece setting for 10 people (Yup, 50 pieces in this set). I bought it this summer at a thrift store for $4.75! (all 50 pieces!)

As you can see from the above two pictures, I mixed things up a bit this year. I used two gold charger plates and two red instead of all four place settings the same. I also did the same with the second salad size plate. Two were one pattern and 2 a different pattern. These 4 plates were thanks to the Folks at Marshalls (here's that post)!

The stemware was from Arbys. That's right, Arby's as in fast food. LOL I them years ago. You bought a drink and get the glass either free or for .99 cents.

The little off white and gold "stars" plates were used for bread and then little matching bowls for the bread dipping oil. I have a complete 20 piece setting of these "retro" looking dishes that I got at a thrift store last year sometime. the entire set cost me $3.50!

To see the super thrifty way to make these little Christmas butter pats, check out my post here.


  1. Such a pretty tablescape and I always love the fabulous bargains you find. All of your dishes are beautiful. Hugs, Marty

  2. Thanks for the revisit. What a lovely tablescape, love how you layer the patterns. Great way to show the Christmas Tree. Look forward to your Christmas decorations this year.

    The French Hutch

  3. Oh Diann! You and Linda(ALC) should move closer together and start your own business! The two of you have such a way with tablescaping! Love it!

  4. the table is decorated so nicely for christmas dinner, it is having that royal look.


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