Revisit 2010 Fall Tablescape

This is a scheduled post and a revisited post

Hi everyone...or should I say "It's fall Y'all!!" I thought that since it is officially Fall and I did my first Fall teascape earlier this week and I did my first Fall craft and decorating, I would do my first Fall tablescape for the year.

Although I love all the fun summery 'scapes, I have to admit, the warmth of Fall colors just fills my heart with joy. So, it was fun to dive into a Fall tablescape. As usual, pretty much my whole tablescape was thrifted second hand with the exception of some clearanced items and Dollar Store items.

I started with this rich colorful tablecloth. I got it last year after the holidays at TJ Maxx. It was regularly $14.99, I paid $3.00 for it. This is the first time I have used it.

I am using my Maple leaf russet red corduroy placemats. I got a set of four of these a couple of years ago at a thrift store. I love them. And I love that that wash up great!

I got a pair of these large heavy stoneware chargers last month at a thrift store for $1.00. I knew they would be perfect for many different Fall and Winter tablescapes. The earthiness of them and the colors are just right.

Either last week or the week before I saw someone use these Dollar Tree Autumn plates in their tablescape and I just loved them so, I ran out and bought 2.

I topped those with these smokey brown clear glass salad plates. I bought these at Walmart last Thanksgiving. They were $1.00 a piece and I think they still carry them.

Then I added these fun crockery double handled bowls to the top of the setting. I got these at a thrift store a long time ago for .25 cents each.

And of course, I had to buy the matching water goblets while at the Dollar Tree store.

I found a set of four of these green tinted leave motif glasses for $1.00 awhile back. I thought they were perfect for this setting.

I also included a smokey glass tumbler to make a trio of glasses for this tablescape.

And then I placed a brown and black ceramic mug and matching saucer for our coffee. I don't remember where I got them but, I remember I paid .50 cents for each pair.

Then to finish off the smokey glass theme, I added this stemmed dessert dish.

I only have 2 spoons and 2 butter knives of this vintage brown flatware but, I thought they looked perfect in this setting.

I added these pretty vintage scalloped linen napkins. They are perfect because they are a solid creamy white with a mossy green edging. I got a set of 6 of these at a thrift store. The woven napkin rings have a glass insert to them. The inserts have a pretty little mossy green design to them and could be used by themselves. I got a set of 6 of them with 2 spare plain glass ones in a bag from a thrift store. They are all different Fall colors. I chose to use two of the brown ones.

And to finish of the settings, I added the small crystal salt and pepper shakers to each setting. I have had these forever and the gold plated tops are starting to wear out. This is the only set I have that has gold tops instead of silver.

So, that is it for the actual table setting. Now it's time to "scape it out".

I decided to use an old picture frame I got at a thrift store sometime this past winter. It is just the frame with the glass, no picture. I just liked the frame. It needs to be refinished but, it works as a nice tray for this tablescape.

Then I draped this beautiful vintage doily over it. This beautiful piece came from Adrienne. So, pretty!

As a centerpiece, I had planned on using one of my white ironstone tureens but, I just had to use this recently purchased (yard sale) cover acorn bowl. The little guy on the top is just too cute. And it gave a fun sense of whimsy to the table. I also included two hurricane gold and glass candle holders bought last year on clearance at Family dollar. Then two feathered orbs and a wooden one (clearance Hobby Lobby and the Family dollar). And two little rustic Dollar Tree votive holder birds. Of course the whole table got a sprinkling of leaves.

***Here is my tiny little tip for the day. NEVER try to place leaves around your tablescape. They always look staged. Just grab a handful and then swish your fingers and let them fall naturally. You get a much prettier natural look.

I added my pretty amber glass basket with one of our white pumpkin gourds from our compost bin.

And lastly, I used my copper pitcher. I love the warmth of the copper on this table!

So, here are random pictures of the overall tablescape. I hope you enjoy it.

And a few candlelight pictures.


  1. So pretty! Love the fall colors and leaves!

  2. Just lovely! Love the layering process with keeping the leaf and nature theme.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Diann,
    It is so good to receive this step-by-step advice and tips.
    The result is amazing. Congratulations and Thank You!

  4. Diane, I just love your blog!! You give some amazing advise about table scaping and all kinds of good stuff. I love this fall table arrangement. I would have never thought to use a frame as a tray!!

  5. It's nice to revisit what you did. Having never seen it before, I will tell you it was beautiful. Take care.


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