Just a Tiny Bit of Christmas

Hi everyone!

I foolishly thought that once the summer Farmer’s Markets were over, we would slow down some. What the heck was I thinking?! Now we are booking as many holiday shows as possible and we are creating new products. Not too mention, I have been busy making items that are non-herb related to sell at shows as well.

While dealing with all this we had been working hard at trying to get things boxed up for a move to a new house. However, last week we got the bad news that the people who owned the house decided not to sell. They had until the last day of October, and that was when we got the call. Late Halloween night. I won’t even go into the anger, frustration and sadness we felt over that news.

Add on top of that bit of news, the person we contracted with to rent his commercial kitchen to take our whole herb business to the next level fell through this week. We had the final step scheduled Tuesday with the inspector.  We have already filled out the tons of paperwork, paid the fees, scheduled other appointments. That morning we got the call from the owner of the commercial kitchen that it wasn’t going to happen. What is up with people waiting literally to the last minute to give us this kind of news?

These two situations were two major things we were counting on since the beginning of summer. We have been working so hard towards both things. It was just totally devastating to us. So, it has been a pretty rough couple of weeks for us emotionally. Not too mention, we are just exhausted.

After dealing with the sadness and anger, Troy and I picked ourselves up and dusted off the disappointment and jumped back in the game. We have no choice. We can’t let these things knock us down for very long. We just don’t have that kind of energy or time to waste. So, we have a few “feelers” out regarding both a new home and a new commercial kitchen.

With all that being said, I can tell you from past experience that it is easy to slip into the whole, “I just don’t feel like dealing with the holidays” mood. When your life is so full of ups and downs and dealing with a million things, you have a tendency to set aside the fun things in life. What’s ironic, is those things are the things that make getting up each morning and moving forward all worth it.

So, that is what I am doing! I may have most of my Christmas things boxed and deeply buried (due to getting ready to move) but, I am not going to let that stop me. I LOVE Christmas and each and every little thing about it makes me smile.

You have to find your own joy and bliss. It doesn’t just happen, you have to make it happen. So, I am grabbing it little bits at a time.

Wow, I so did not plan on writing all that! I was just going to show you a couple of new Christmas thrift finds. Honest! I guess it is still festering inside me so, I just had to get it out. I feel better now. LOL

11-11 bargains 00111-11 bargains 002With my half off coupon, I picked up these two boxes of brand new ceramic napkin rings. Each box ended up being .99 cents. They were originally from JoAnn’s.

11-11 bargains 00311-11 bargains 005Cute with a touch of whimsy. 

11-11 bargains 007Whoa! What is this big pile of poinsettia stuff you ask?  

11-11 bargains 008Six placemats!

11-11 bargains 009They have that whole velvety feel to them.

11-11 bargains 010And a table runner.

11-11 bargains 011It was blue sticker day at SA so, I paid .50 cents for each piece. 

11-11 bargains 012And last but, not least, I stopped at a yard sale and found this tree topper. I always use an angel at the top of my tree and I don’t plan to change that. However, I recently saw a beautiful display of different types of these tree toppers on a shelf for Christmas and thought I would collect them when I saw them at a thrifty price to do the same thing.

So, those are my recent thrifted Christmas finds that are bringing a smile to my face. Have you found any fun Christmas things yet?

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  1. Sorry to hear about the house and the kitchen! But you will find the house that was meant to be and a better kitchen! Love your poinsettia sets!

  2. Your attitude is to be admired. It is so true that we do have to pick our selves up. Over and over again. What was to be must not have been the right thing for you. That's the way I try to look at it. When the right home and the right kitchen come along it will happen. I hope you have much success with all the shows you are doing. I used to do craft shows in my younger days and I know how much work goes into the preparation for them.

  3. The reason those things "You planned" fell through my friend..Is..God has much larger plans for You! don't despair...wait for it..wait for it..then SMILE when it appears!
    Oh... how we have learned this lesson!!!

  4. Oh Diann I am so sorry that your plans fell through. It is these little 'bumps' in the road that just make us stronger...I keep telling myself that. I agree with trying to still find some joy in the holidays with all that is going on. I'm trying and hoping that Thanksgiving isn't completely lost for me.

    LOVE your thrifty Christmas finds. I may have to start looking for old tree toppers also, I think a display of them would be awesome! Take care and hope the rest of the week is good.


  5. Love your Christmas finds, I've picked up a couple packs of ornaments, but that's all so far. Sorry to hear about your disappointing news Diann! I'm sure something better will turn up:@)

  6. Oh those napkin rings are wonderful!

    I am sorry that you have had to deal with that type of dissappointment. Sometimes when things like that happen, it turns out that something better is in store. I love your positive attitude about it.
    May the New Year be a brighter year for you.

  7. Diane, God is watching over you...you will find the house of your dreams with the kitchen you always wanted.
    I love all your Christmas delights. I am starting this weekend to decorate for Christmas. Only because Thanksgiving is our Christmas as well with the family. It is the only time all of us can get together.

  8. We are not promised an easy life. I is definitely filled with disappointments. If you dig deep down, you will you have the strength to endure and go on. Most times, things happen for the best.

  9. You are sharing some real great finds!! As for the other stuff ... something tells me it may not seem like it right now, but there are better opportunities waiting for you and your business. Stay strong xo HHL

  10. I'm sorry to hear of your disappointments. Almost every day I have a reason to say "what is wrong with people?' and so I come to blogland to get a breath of fresh air, and kind and caring people. Hang in there!

    I love the idea of a display of tree toppers. A good reason to keep my eyes open for some to collect. :)

  11. sorry about the bad news you have gotten, but happy for you that you won't let it dampen your Christmas spirit in your heart.

  12. Hi Diann, I am sorry for your plans not working out. I understand that it is a big disappointment. Remember, when God closes one door He opens another. Best wishes, Beth
    p.s. Love your poinsettias!!!

  13. What a setback. So sorry to hear about what has happened to you. Obviously these things weren't meant to be. With that positive attitude attitude you're going to start anew. Who knows what exciting things are right around the corner. Nothing wrong with needing a little Christmas to spark your senses. The joy that comes from the holiday is priceless. Hang in there. Things will improve. Take care.

  14. I'm sorry that your plans fell through. I have a philosophy that when something does not work out as you hoped, something far better than you imagined is waiting in the wings. It's happen to me more than once, and it will happen to you as well. Just stay positive and dream big!!! Those napkin rings are just darling! May your dreams come true.

    Susan and Bentley

  15. Sorry for the disappointments, don't let it keep you down...something better will come along when you least expect it.
    Cute napkin rings.

  16. The tree topper is delectable!

    May your future disappointments be few and far between!


    A day filled with scarlet, they say,
    Can make the sad heart skip and play;
    For where red abides,
    A little bird hides
    And sings every worry away.

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Plump, Ripe Persimmon

  17. Wow! You sure picked up some wonderful items! Love the tree-topper.


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