Harvesting Tea Herbs

Hi everyone!

Well the weather has been decent around here so, I have been trying to take advantage of it. Today the princess and I headed out to harvest out three oak barrels filled with mints. We have Applemint, which we used the most of throughout the summer because we make an Applemint Jelly.

applemintpepperrmintspearmintIt probably sounds like it wouldn’t take a lot of time to do this right? But, each one I cut, I have to go through each leaf to make sure I have no damaged ones or dead leaves before I start to dry them. It is a very time consuming chore.

am I cut them way down but, not to the last set of leaves. The reason for that is the there is a small chance they may still grow and produce a small amount of mint before everything freezes. And I am working on some new herbal tea blends so, I will need every bit of our mints that I can get!

pm And as you can see, I left some good strong plants in each barrel. We are taking those to the greenhouse to get starts from and grow our mint throughout the winter months. I think we are going to try growing mint hydroponically this year.


Mints are one of the best and most easy herbs to plant. They need very little attention and will come back full force year after year. Because of that, you always want to contain mint in some way. Otherwise, they will run amuck!

Here are the mints I harvested, dried and crushed. These are my tea herbs. I am working on herbal tea blends.

Fall harvesting 2011 018I have a few other mints drying and a couple of other culinary herbs to add to my tray of tea herbs.

Fall harvesting 2011 012 Fall harvesting 2011 016 On each herb jar I like to have the properties that the herb is know for.  As an example, Spearmint helps headaches, colds and fever (among other things). Besides taste, I also try to create some herbal teas to help sore throats and things like that throughout the winter months. The princess can drink them and I know that no chemicals or caffeine is in the drink.

Well, I have many more herbs to dry and grind for my tea mixtures so, I need to get busy! Have a great day everyone!

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  1. How nice you have such a good helper there. The Princess probably loves helping mom. At her age most do. One thing I have in abundance is lemon balm . It has run amok as you say. It seems to come up everywhere. We do keep pulling it out like a weed. The frost has already gotten to our plants here. But I know that they will come back in the Spring.

  2. enjoyed this post..would like to hear more of how you blend them after all the processing...

  3. I have a sick husband. I need to find some of that Spearmint, asap. I didn't realize it had these wonderful medicinal properties. Harvesting it to make your special tea blends has to be gratifying. I've canned. Stored herbs up in attic to dry out, etc. But I never made tea. LOVE the idea. Take care.

  4. PS. I take that back. I make my Chai Tea latte.

  5. You work so hard on your herb business and I'm so happy that things are going so well. hugs, Linda

  6. Everything looks great, Diann. Super job! Susan

  7. Wow Diann, you have done an outstanding job with these wonderful herbs. Impressive and a worthy project.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  8. WOW, Diann I am so impressed. Your making teas, and it's all so good for sore throats and winter blahs. I love the fact you know exactly what's in them, no caffeine is good. Did I mention how beautiful your herbs in the jars.........

    Happy Thanksgiving
    The French Hutch

  9. I just love all this...so interesting to me! Making your own herbal tea blends is awesome. My daughter would love that...she's quite the tea drinker. Come to think of it, my d-i-l is too. Both of them would be great customers.

    The Lemon Balm is one that I'm familiar with but all of the fragrances are incredible. Have you ever made soap?

    Thanks for sharing!


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