Do you Feel Overwhelmed with the Different Blogs out there?

Hi everyone!

This is a scheduled post. I am away having a wonderful week with my family!

This is a post about something I think a lot of us deal with on different levels. I recently got an email from a reader and these thoughts were on her mind so, I thought I would share my opinions regarding this letter.

If you are a blogger or love to peruse all the different fun blogs out there. Whether it is the DIY blogs, Home Decorating blogs, Mommy Blogs or Couponing blogs, they all can make you feel so overwhelmed at times.

You think, “how on earth do they do all that?”, “when do they have time to do all the other things in life?”, “How do they keep their house that perfect?”, “How do they manage to organize all that?” The questions go on and on. And sadly, those questions start to turn into these answers:

  • I feel like a slug because I can’t even get one project completely finished.
  • I feel like I must not have the secret of life all these bloggers have. It takes everything I have just to try to maintain our life.
  • I must be a failure at keeping my home clean. I can’t even begin to compare my home to all these beautiful homes on the blogs.
  • Just trying to stay on top and organized with my bills and day to day routines takes everything I have. Forget about all these perfectly organized laundry rooms, basements, kids rooms that I see all over blogland.

or maybe a few of these feelings creep in from time to time…..

  • How can they afford all that? I just don’t have that kind of money. I wish I could do or have all these beautiful things they are showing.
  • It makes me sad sometimes to look at all these different blogs. I will NEVER be able to achieve or keep up with them.

I can tell you that I have felt all these things at one time or another.

The reality is, nobody can do it ALL. If you are doing one thing that means 20 other things aren’t getting done. It’s all about choices. And we all have different priorities.

But, feeling the negative feelings like the above statements can really hurt you and your family. It is hard not to compare yourself to others. And it is definitely not unusual to occasionally feel these things. But, keep in mind when you visit these different blogs, you have no idea what they are going through behind the scenes. Remember, you are seeing one teeny tiny portion of a bloggers life when you stop and read a post.

Blogging is like having your very own magazine. You are the editor, photographer, writer and stager. Yes, staging is a big part of blogging. If you show home decor, tablescapes, redo projects etc and take pictures, you learn how to stage the picture. Granted, I am still learning this skill! But, the point is, you don’t see what is behind the pictures. Trust me, everything is NOT perfect!

Nobody else lives your life. Nobody else knows all the things you are dealing with on a daily basis. But, the same thing is true about the bloggers you visit.

Perfection is overrated. Imperfection adds character.

Thank you to the reader who wrote me! I love getting email feedback or questions.


  1. I hope you are enjoying your "time away."
    I could have written that email. I often wonder How Does She find the time, have the energy, balance life. You are right, to focus on one thing, another thing has to be back burnered or left until later.
    I do believe a great deal comes from having a strong support system in your life, people who allow you to focus on blogging, or trekking out to fabulous places to take photos, or who will watch the kids for a few hours daily.
    It may come down to giving up tv or allowing the dog to run through the house with muddy feet, or changing your own habits.
    I have found myself shifting priorities when I want to blog more frequently, and also understanding there are things I do NOT want to give up.
    Still, blog envy lives.
    Find a way to use it for positive changes in your life.

    BTW- there are a few bloggers who take you on a day by day walk through their lives. I do think they get more hours than the rest of us.

  2. Although I'm retired from our business, a Ceramic Co. we had up to more than three years ago... I too wonder how some lovely ladies do so much! I'm specially overwhelmed with the ones that cook and set a fabulous table at the same time almost everyday!! Very interesting you've shared this...if I was a young girl like her, I asume, I'll be overwhelmed too. Happy Thanksgiving. FABBY

  3. Amen, perfect post. Have fun with your family and Happy Thanksgiving. Hugs, Marty

  4. So true! Enjoy your week with the family!

  5. I know you are having a wonderful week with your family. I too have often wondered how do they do it all and came to the conclusion that they don't! LOL...something has to give somewhere. My life is far from perfect but it is my life and I love it. Clutter and all! hugs, Linda

  6. Do you head me saying Yes! Yes! and Amen!?

    I'm old enough to know better but still fall into that trap from time to time. If it isn't about what others are doing and how things are looking, it is about how often they're posting. Some weeks I can find something to say every day, other weeks....hear the crickets chirping?

    I stopped participating in a weekly meme that I enjoyed because I felt I had to visit everyone who visited my blog, especially new visitors. I couldn't keep up and didn't need something else to feel guilty about.

    I probably should comment more often here, there and everywhere, but sometimes I'm reading on the fly. Don't we all do that?

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. I agree with everything you said here. But most importantly, your last point. "Imperfection adds character." Take care. Happy Thanksgiving.

  8. BRAVO!! Thank you for this timely post! We all need to hear this
    Blogging is or should be a way to share the things in which we are interested. We are sharing those things. I would never show my laundry room to anyone or the stack of ironing that needs to be done. I wouldn't share the den, when we are slopping around there. Blogging is a fairy tale existence and we should not get sucked into the belief that it is real.
    That said, Blogging is fun. One can make great friends, learn lots of skill, realize "Gee I can make or do that, too".
    We need to keep blogging in perspective. If it is interfering with your real life cut back. Your family is real, we are virtual.
    Have a Blessed Thanksgiving, Ginger

  9. I say it is time for one of us, or all of host a post or linky of real pictures of our mess!! If there is a contest, I am sure I will win hands down when my kids and grandkids are! I will post picts of my real life, and hopefully others will do the same. Its about family, and we would also get a handle on how we are all alike, warm, loving, and caring ladies/gents!! let me know what you think and happy Thanksgiving to you and the family!
    Tiki @ Ribbons, Lace, and Inspiration.

  10. What a great post. I can afford what I buy because I do not buy new and I re-sell much of what is shown on my site. I do not do tablescapes because they make me crazy and so does posting recipes. You are right about what is not seen. I never show our old house and oh my goodness it is a hot mess all the time.

  11. Amen sister!! Perfection is over rated!!
    Enjoy you vaca!

  12. So true! I think we all have fallen victim to envy and feelings of judgement towards ourselves or even towards others at times. It is so important to remember that when this happens that it's time to take a reality check. I can usually overcome this by remembering there are so many (thousands upon thousands) different and individual blogs out there with different styles and different motives for blogging as well. I have learned to just enjoy them (when I can) as a reader and as I am sure many who never blog themselves must feel. I have also learned to just continue doing what I enjoy doing without worrying what others do. God has made me wonderful just the way I am, even if I don't have tons of followers, many comments, a new post every other day, attend every linky party or event! I am a much happier blogger now that I don't compare myself to others. :))) Great post!

  13. I love your post! We all struggle trying to do it all. Working at my job, cooking and cleaning take the majority of my time. I love decorating and gardening too. I do enjoy sitting in the evenings and "visiting" beautiful blogs and sharing back and forth. I get lots of inspiration from others...we all have tips and ideas that can save us money, time and mistakes. Blogging should be for enjoyment and not a competition. I love encouraging others who are just starting a blog...many have encouraged me and I want to do the same for others. Maybe we should have a "keeping it real" party ...I have plenty of unfinished projects ! I think we each love making our homes a safe welcome and comforting place to be and that is priceless!
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Miss Bloomers

  14. Let's start "The Real Housewives of Blog Land Club' where the beds are not made , or the dishes over flowing the countertop..Be for REAL..there are only so many hours in a day..and somethings just aren't going to get done...
    ~~Peace & Love & Healing & Blessings~~

  15. Wonderful post! I felt exactly like this after I had my first two blogs, worked so hard on them, and still never did seem to get the readers. Then I found quite a long article (I forget whose) about blog envy. I gave up and quit blogging for a while, completely shut it off for about eight months and deleted all my posts -- well over two hundred. Then I stuck my toe in the water again, and now I am at it again.

    The fact is that some of those super-blogs are professionally maintained, and the face you see on the blog may have a staff behind her. It has become a job, not a hobby where you get to see cool things and connect with some nice people and make new friends. Many of them admit they never even read their comments. I feel like I have to work for every last one I get, and I read and appreciate all of them. I also try to acknowledge each one, although many bloggers do not.

    I think this is still a sensitive subject, you handled it well. I hope you enjoy your vacation and time off -- and thanks again for featuring my kitchen.



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