Wax Package Liners

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Today’s thrifty tip is an oldie but, goodie. I know a lot of us save our bread bags to use for various things. But, do you save the inside bag that your cereal/crackers comes in? These waxed bags are sturdy and almost never leak. I keep an empty coffee can that I put these in under my sink.

example of bag liner I use these liner bags for all the gross stuff I don’t want stinking up my trash can. You know the kind of trash I am talking about. Like all the fat and bones for chicken, meat or fish. When grease cools off, I scoop it into these bags and use a twist tie. No more rancid grease smell in the trash.

They also work great if you need to take something liquid like soup somewhere. Put the container of soup into one of these bags and if the container leaks, it will stay contained in ne of these waxed bags.

Ziplock bags can be expensive, especially if you are just using them to throw something away. Not too mention, the cheap brand can leak.

They are also a lot more sturdy to use for the whole “shake and bake” kind of thing. Ever start shaking a bag with a piece of chicken with the bone in it and the bone jabs a hole in the plastic bag?

Some other things I use them for:

  • Pressing down rice krispie cookies
  • drying chocolate covered items
  • crush crackers, nuts etc.
  • shape and separate hamburger patties
  • rolling out cookie dough or pie dough on
  • use between cookies when storing.

And let’s not forget things like a good pooper scooper bag.

Use these liners for anything that wax paper may be used for. These liners are generally a lot stronger than wax paper.

Even Martha Stewart finds uses for these liners:

as shoe stuffer Prevent your shoes from getting crushed when packing or storing them away. Bunch up the liner and stuff the shoe.

as packing materialPacking material: Either use the liner bunched up as padding in a shipping box or make your own air pillow by blowing air into the liner using a straw and taping the liner closed

as wet clothing storage  Keep your wet pool clothes from touching your dry clothes in your gym bag by slipping them into a liner first.

as icing bag Snip off a small corner of the liner and add an icing tip (with or without a coupler) then add the icing and decorate.

as fruit dipping trayA prep surface for foods, fresh fruit, you name it!

liner as funnell  Snip off the bottom corner of a liner and you have a funnel for filling those little containers like salt shakers or soap dispensers without the mess


Thanks for stopping by. I hope this gave you some ideas for reusing these liners.


  1. Brilliant ideas. I've never thought of saving box liners. I will now!

  2. I also use these with my vacuum sealer to store things in the freezer. Much cheaper and sturdier than freezer bags. For shorter storage time, or things I have to repeatedly take things out, I just use a twist tie. Thanks for the post. I pinned your post to Pinterest to share with others. http://pinterest.com/TruTales/the-been-there-done-that-column/

  3. what a great idea. Those liners are really sturdy. I usually have to cut them to get into them.

  4. What great ideas. I hate throwing things out without first wondering if I could use them for something else, but never thought about this. Thanks so much.

  5. Hi Diann, who knew. Great tips and I'll sure start to use.
    Happy fall

    The French Htuch

  6. Great tip! Will be keeping the now.

  7. Great idea!

    It pains me to throw out zip-lock bags and I'd never thought about cereal liners.

  8. I will start saving mine right now! Wow what good ideas! hugs, Linda

  9. These are great ideas! I've always wanted to save the liners but never had enough ideas to use them to warrant doing so. Now I do. Thanks!

  10. Love your centerpiece Diann! So simple and cute. And great tip... its just this morning that I threw so many of them...makes me regret now. WIll definitely save them from now on :)

  11. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Finally, someone who really does resuse and recycle. I didn't even think of this. We already recycle the cereal boxes. I save plastic bags from the news paper. They make excellent pooper scooper bags. I have even tied plastic store bags in knots and used them in lieu of packing p-nuts when shippng items.I'm going to start saving those cereal bags now so thanks for sharing.~Ames

    P.S. I always freeze the stinky stuff before I toss it out on garbage collection day. That way I don't have to smell it in the can.

  12. seriously..would never have thought of these. thanks.


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