Vintage Thingie Thursday Finds

Hi everyone!

I am joining Suzanne for Vintage Thingie Thursday today!

Well, it has been a long time since I found a true vintage thingie! So, when I picked this up at a local thrift store on 50% off day, I knew it was going to be the perfect thingie to show you!

9-11 bargains 033See, I told you it was a thingie! 

9-11 bargains 034Priced at .99 cents then half off, it came home with me.

9-11 bargains 035It is an “EZY PUNCH”. this was used in the day for punching two holes in legal documents and medical documents. 

9-11 bargains 036Next we have this. Yup, a brown vinyl snap folder.

9-11 bargains 037Check it out, a little desk set. It was .25 cents at a yard sale. 

9-11 bargains 038This was the fun part. The original 1958 calendar was still inside! 9-11 bargains 039 I think both will be fun just sitting in a home office.

Well, those were my Vintage Thingies for today!  I hope you have a great day!

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thumbnailCA4YSW9V-tileAnd come back tomorrow for Thrifty Things Friday party!



  1. i remember those things...does that mean i am old?? i don't feel old!! thanks for your sharing!!

  2. I find it funny that these items are classified as vintage as I still use such things today! But I guess these are vintage models ;) that punch would be couple because it's probably heavy and sits still, today they are plastic and light. Love the organiser!

  3. true is older than me! Fun finds

    Ann A Sentimental Life

  4. Nice finds! I have a two year old Staples model of your hole punch - but the best is the 1958 calendar. My parents were married that year - they worked in the same office together. Perhaps Dad used a folder like that once!

  5. Both of those are fun and vintage things!

  6. I recognized the hole punch, and I think that folder is pretty cool. I was 5 years old in 1958, so I'm a vintage follower. hehehe

  7. Those are some neat thingies for sure.
    Have a nice day.

  8. What great fun finds here. My sister is a '58 girl, special year for sure.

    The French Hutch


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