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I was going through some of my Fall items that I purchased last year after Autumn was over. Lots of fun clearance items! I actually was looking to see if I had any kind of rug to place at our doorstep. Well, I was so excited to find a few new things that I totally forgot I had bought! Don’t you love when that happens? It’s kind of like Christmas! 

I have to admit, this past Spring and Summer was so chaotic around here. These past few months have, without a doubt, been my most unorganized ever! And I am really craving order and organization!

Well, all that is an entirely different post! LOL Getting back to my surprise finds…..

When I shop and buy end of the season clearance things and know I will not be using them until the following season, I try to leave them in the original bag with the receipt. That way when I open my new finds, I can see how much I paid and it always brings a smile to my face. Okay, so it takes very little these days to make me smile. :)

I found a Dollar General bag and it contained a sunflower rug and 4 matching placemats. Perfect!

10-11 bargains 010I love it! The colors are vibrant and the reds just make me smile! However, you sure can tell that next year our steps need to be stripped and re-stained red again! The rug was originally $5.00. At 90% off, it was .50 cents! Woohoo!

10-11 bargains 012I bought 4 of the matching tapestry placemats. $2.00 each originally. 90% off made them  .20 cents each! So, for $1.30 I have a new Fall rug and 4 placemats. I just love a good surprise! Yup, it is all about the simple little happiness's!

Have you rediscovered any new treasures you bought last year at bargain prices recently?

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  1. Don't ya just love those little surprise finds! I try to buy decorations after season too, and it's always SO fun to open them up a year later and see what you bought! {BC i NEVER remember}.

  2. Hopefully by next year, we will live somewhere else, and someone else will live here and restaing the steps will be someone elses concern...

  3. don't you just love it when your finds are so wonderful and so cheap!!

  4. A fun (and very thrifty) surprise is always nice! I'm on the flip side right now... I have this great Santa that I found at a yard sale and finally found a bottle tree for his sack... do you think I can find him??? Ugh:@)

  5. Man, that is a great savings! Can't wait to see a tablescape using those pretty placemats...I see lots of reds, yellows and a little green or brown!

  6. Diane those placemats are so pretty! I love sunflowers anyway!

  7. It pays us to clean out once in a while. I did to do that desperately. I am afraid of what I might find tho.

  8. Yasy..I love sunflowers..beautiful finds..lovely! Enjoy

  9. Beautiful thrifty fins. Love the sunflowers. The colors are perfect for the season....Christine

  10. Wow! I've only shopped at Dollar General once and wasn't that impressed with it. But after seeing this, I'll have to take my granddaughter and give it another try. Thanks. :)

  11. Oh my. I need to shop at the Dollar General! What a bargin!

  12. Love your bargains! I got some wonderful things on clearance last year and when I opened the bag I was so excited to see them! I will share some soon when I show off my Halloween cubbies! hugs, Linda

  13. That's just got to be one of the best bargains ever! Hooray!

  14. I love shopping at the dollar tree store during the holidays. I just never know what I might find that I need well maybe it is I want.
    Your decorations are beautiful and so full of the colors of fall.


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