Squeeze Bottles

Hi everyone!

The first year that we started our herb business and hit the local Farmer’s Markets, we wanted to make sure we had samples to share with the folks. Our most popular product is our Chive and Dill Vegi Dip. So, we would make up a batch in a bowl and take it for sampling.

We quickly discovered this was not a good method for sampling for numerous reasons.

  • People would grab a cracker and try to get as much on the cracker as humanly possible and end up dripping all over all of our other products.
  • When dipping the cracker, people would also end up dipping their fingers.
  • Kids will be kids…’nuff said
  • We had no control over the amount of sampling

Those are just a few reasons. I won’t get into some of the more ….yucky reasons!

To quote Plato….

Necessity... the mother of invention

We figured out a better method quickly!


We use those cheap condiment squeeze bottles. You know the ones that come 2 or 3 in a package from the dollar store that are red, yellow and white. this way we can keep it in a cooler, easy squeeze some dip on a cracker and control the amount.

I tell ya, there is not a single market day that has gone by that someone hasn’t said, “What a great idea!”

Since we started this, I now do this at home. And at home, I just reuse other squeeze bottles once they are empty. Just wash out emptied catsup, mustard, syrup, dressing, jellies… etc bottles. I just label them and use them for all kinds of things.

  • Home made dips
  • Home made dressings
  • Home made pancake batter
  • Sour cream (makes putting sour cream on things like tacos so much easier!)
  • Marinades

Ketchup pancake dispenserPicture credit 

Some things I still use the cheapo set from the dollar store because I can do like we do with our dips and that is to snip the tip off to make the hole larger for heavy things.

Anther great reason to use these squeeze bottles is that they take up a lot less room in the fridge. And a lot less chances of something getting knocked over or jump out of the fridge and spill everywhere.

One last thing, the cheapo squeeze bottles can be used to fill with frosting and you can pipe it out without having a bag and tip.


  1. I have used squeeze bottles to decorate cookies for many years...it is so easy, fast and clean up is a snap!

  2. I use the pretty white squeeze bottles all the time, I feel it helps me not put too much dressing on my salads, etc.

  3. THat' s a good idea. I wonder if it would work with my homemade choc icing. I will give it a try!

  4. Another of your wonderful ideas! I would love this for sour cream, I always seem to get huge globs of it on my tacos!

  5. Thank you for solving the dilemma of the pancake batter dripping from the measuring cup. That's the tip of the week for sure.

  6. Great idea again Diann. I will be going to the dollar store to pick up some of those squeeze bottles today.

  7. Brilliant ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  8. OMG!.. are you ever speaking to me.....
    I'm a bottle/jar collector..meaning...I save every peanut butter jar, plastic bottle, and my favorite is parmesean cheese jars to store my homemade mixed spice blends...However, my friend I had not thought of using a bottle for decorating a cake...

  9. what a great tip! and YUCK just the thought of the sample bowl..

  10. Isn't it a fabulous idea?! I always save my bottles and the squiz ones are just great, I reuse them for decorating cookies even, just put the colors and go...specially when there's so much cookies to do for the hospital sale I valunteer for, and many more like you describe. Boy, you spoke to me! Thanks for sharing. Have a nice evening. Thanks for visiting sweet lady.
    Hugs, FABBY

  11. Some great ideas there for squeeze bottles! Some I have done, others I would not have thought of. Thanks for all the wonderful tips!!

  12. Great idea. That chive dill dip sounds like I would be dipping into that bowl a lot!!! Yummy.

  13. That is a great idea. When working the concession stand at our daughter's softball games, we would always put sour cream in a squeeze bottle because it would work so great. Thanks for the reminder.

  14. Great ideas! Never thought to put dips or sour cream, etc. into a squeeze bottle.


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