I Love Tole Painted Trays

Hi everyone!

When you spot tole painted trays, do you instantly go to them? I’m like a moth to a flame when it come to these pretty trays. I just can’t help myself. I spotted this one at a yard sale.

Autumn 2011 165 Tole painting is the folk art of decorative painting on tin and wooden utensils, objects and furniture. Typical metal objects include utensils, coffee pots, and similar household items. Wooden objects include tables, chairs, and chests, including hope chests, toyboxes and jewelry boxes. Source: Wikipedia

The vivid blues and other colors on the dark stained wood just called to me. So pretty and bright.

And of course, I decided to create a pretty dining room table centerpiece with it.

Autumn 2011 166Autumn 2011 168  I also decided to use these pretty thrifted ceramic ruffle edged blue bowls.

Autumn 2011 169 And these thrifted ivory metal candlesticks. I used this brown and red checked silk table runner. I received this one and a blue one from my nephew’s friend’s mom. She had bought both of them on a trip to Japan. If you remember, she had a huge garage sale before they moved. The day after the garage sale she had me come over and take anything that did not sell (for free).

Autumn 2011 172This dark blue Biscotti cookie jar is our everyday cookie jar that is generally always sitting on the table. I won this cookie jar (filled with Biscotti) at a campground playing Bingo years ago!

Autumn 2011 171  I know blue is not a traditional color for Autumn but, like I have ever let tradition stand in my way. LOL

Autumn 2011 173Autumn 2011 184  One of my favorite things about decorating for Autumn is that you can start in September so, you have a couple of months that you can play around and change up your decor.

Autumn 2011 179

Autumn 2011 180Autumn 2011 190Autumn 2011 197Autumn 2011 203Autumn 2011 204Autumn 2011 207I probably don’t have to say this this but, everything on here was thrifted.

Autumn 2011 208 Let’s see if I can get any decent pictures of the candles lit. One of these days I am going to get a good camera but, until then I guess my cheap little aim and shoot will have to do.

Autumn 2011 216 Autumn 2011 217  I have to make the centerpiece up to the wall instead of the center of the table because we still need room to eat dinner and since I didn’t do my normal “putting everything on a tray” it doesn't move easily.

Autumn 2011 218 Thank you for stopping by!

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  1. Diane, Your tole tray is beautiful! What a beautiful vignette you did using all your fall finds and the candles just topped it off!!

  2. I'm not a fan of blue, but I really like how you set this up based on a that tole tray. You really pulled in some beautiful elements. I like how it turned out.

  3. Oh I love your new tray, it is fabulous. Love the dark stain and the pretty colors. Your table vignette is unreal. How fabulous it all looks. I really like the use of the blue with all the orange in the pumpkins and gourds. Looks fabulous. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  4. Cute tray Diann! Love your pretty fall vignette-enjoy:@)

  5. Love this setting, I think of the blue as the blue sky above all the Warm Autumn Colors..!

  6. I like all the bright colors and your arrangement.

  7. Such a lovely fall arrangement. The tray is so soft and pretty against your foliage and candles.

  8. I love the tole tray...I haven't ever come across one in all the years I've been going to yard sales! Very pretty vignette.

  9. That tray is so pretty. They are usually priced to high for me when I see them but I know the 'bargain hunter extraordinaire' got hers for a song! Love your fall centerpiece! hugs, Linda

  10. Thanks for sharing your blues.

    Happy Blue Monday, Diann.

  11. I love tole painted trays. You found one with such beautiful colors. You created a beautiful dining room centerpiece. The lovely runner is perfect with the tray and you'll enjoy this all season. Enjoy your fall.

    The French Hutch

  12. Simply Beautiful!!

    Blues at my page. Have a great week!

  13. You have good taste in trays and use them very well.

  14. Love the tray, looks really nice with the candles lit in front of it.

  15. Everything looks so nice...I just joined your blog and I love all of the great thrifty deals you find.

  16. Very pretty--the whole vignette! And speaking of blue--I have that same biscotti jar. I got it, and some awesome painted dishes, all for $2 at a garage sale this summer! The jar now sits on our kitchen counter! And still speaking of blue, I like blue a lot, and just challenged myself to a blue fall table. I hope you'll come visit so you can see how it turned out. It's my Thanksgiving Table Dress Rehearsal post. Enjoyed everything about this post! Thank you!


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