Happy Halloween!

Hi everyone!

Sunday was the last day for one of our local greenhouses to be open until next Spring so, we decided to visit and pick up some goodies.

They were decked out for Halloween so, I thought I would share some fun.

Autumn 2011 255Autumn 2011 257I swear, these gray pumpkins looked like they were made out of cement! 

Autumn 2011 258Autumn 2011 259Autumn 2011 260Autumn 2011 262Autumn 2011 263Autumn 2011 264Autumn 2011 265Every child that came in got a free pumpkin.

Autumn 2011 266Autumn 2011 267Autumn 2011 268Autumn 2011 269Autumn 2011 270I thought this warty pumpkin was just too creepy!

Autumn 2011 271Autumn 2011 272Autumn 2011 273Autumn 2011 274Autumn 2011 275Autumn 2011 276Autumn 2011 277Autumn 2011 278Autumn 2011 281Autumn 2011 282Autumn 2011 280Cauliflower all decked out for Halloween.

After we left the greenhouse we went to a local church for “Trick or Trunk” and they had games and crafts for the kids and everyone got hotdogs, chips, hot fudge sundaes, coffee and lemonade.

Autumn 2011 287Of course the princess went straight to the lady who brought in some helper dogs. You can see that all the other kids are back in the game and craft areas. Not the princess! If there is a dog around, that is where you will find her!

Autumn 2011 288We just had a really fun family day to celebrate the end of October!                         


  1. What a great place. Thanks for sharing these pictures. Too cute about your princess. I love the picture of her with her back to the camera. It looks like her hands are just waiting to pet that dog. I remember the first year our fruit market took round bales of hay and transformed them into pumpkins and spiders. I was entranced!

  2. What fun pictures! I'm loving all the creatures. Have a lovely Halloween!

  3. Looks like a fun place! Really enjoyed all the pictures, Happy Halloween!

  4. It looks like a fun day! I think it's sweet the Princess loves dogs so much!

  5. Looks like a great day Diann, I loved the warty pumpkins this year! Happy Halloween, have fun with the Princess:@)

  6. GREAT photos. Looks like a FUN place to visit. Definitely in the spirit of things. Hope you had a terrific Halloween. Take care.

  7. What a fun place. Thanks for the tour. It looks like the kids where having a great time. Happy Thanksgiving, as we move along. Hugs,Ginger


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