Fall Napkin Accents

Hi everyone!

Awhile back I showed you a big bunch of odds and ends craft items I got at a thrift store for just a couple of dollars.

9-11 bargains 029I have been slowly going through all of it looking to see if I could find anything for Autumn. Well, I discovered these two little packages.

Autumn 2011 118 They are little fabric deep red and green iron on leaves. And I thought they would be perfect to embellish a set of napkins.

Autumn 2011 112-horz Super easy, just place on fabric and iron!

Autumn 2011 116Autumn 2011 115Now I am in the mood to embellish other napkins! Hummmm……laundry…..dishes…..scrub bathroom…..or…..play

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  1. I'm drooling over all your thrifty supplies. Such a fun makeover for your cloth napkins. Cheers!

  2. So pretty, and love those napkin rings too! ~tina

  3. Very fall festive, great job.

  4. Diann these turned out super cute! Love this idea and I can see some more embellishments in your future for sure!

  5. I vote for PLAY. It's so much more fun. I'm still catching up from vacation last week. I love what you did with those leaves. First I was afraid you had stitched all around them. I was so relieved when I read they were iron on. My kind of craft.

  6. Very cute and festive. A nice little added touch.
    My vote is also for PLAY. You will have chores enough after you move.
    Wel,, maybe toss a load of wash in the machine so you can technically say you ARE working too.

  7. Play is Work right? Play builds more creativity!
    I Vote "PLAY"!

  8. They are so cute and so right for this time of the year.

  9. i love the napkins! isn't it awesome "when a plan comes together!"
    i am a newbie, and wanted to thank you for all the awesome ideas!

  10. I love using cloth napkins and this is a great idea to add some trim to plain ones. Thanks so much!


  11. You are just so clever and samart coming up with this super idea.

  12. so cute! Do the iron on's stay on after washing? I have a bunch of napkins, I'd like to embelish and this is a great idea!

  13. I was really inspired by this post today and went to a thrift store that until today I didn't know about. Boy did I find some great treasures. Thank you!

  14. If I am not mistaken, those napkin rings were originally from Pier One. I have the rest of the matching set (and mine cracked like that too) but never saw the napkin rings before. I have coasters, a long gone vase and a huge charger.

  15. Hmmm, I say, play!! Love the napkins (and oh so easy to do!) Now my wheels are turning since we use cloth napkins...
    ♥ Stopping over from Rednesday!

  16. Diann,
    So many great little things to play with!! LOL!!
    I love how you used those leaves on your napkins!!
    Very pretty!!


  17. What a great idea! They look so nice with the napkin holders you have, too!


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