Thrifty Things Friday #26

Hi everyone!

It is officially Fall. Goodbye summer. Now, I hope we have a loooooong Autumn! I am definitely not looking forward to freezing weather. A long, brisk, cool Fall, I can live with that!

I am very lucky to live in an area that has a lot of local libraries. And being a huge reader (as is Troy), I take advantage of their used book sales on a regular basis.

When I take the Princess to school, I pass one of my favorite libraries to get books. Earlier this week, I stopped in to see what they had available.

Books are .25 cents each or fill a plastic grocery bag for $2.00 or fill a brown paper grocery bag for $3.00. They also have a large rolling rack filled with books out in the vestibule that are free.

When I got there they were filling up the racks with more books. Yay!

So, I ended up buying a plastic bag worth for $2.00.

ttf26 001

ttf26 002See the book I circled in the upper left hand corner, “The Gentle Arts”? It is all about making lace. I thought it was about using lace. If any one out there makes lace and would like this book, please email me and I will be happy to send it to you. Update: This book has been requested so it is no longer available.

And the other one I have circled “Creative Touches” is about appliquéing. This isn’t something I do any more, so if it is something you enjoy, I would be happy to send this one to you. Just email me. The first person(s) to email for these books is the person(s) I will send them to.

ttf26 003I love to look through Holiday and craft books. They are just so expensive to go and buy retail so, I always search them out at the library, yard sales and thrift stores. I spent the other evening looking through these books. And now they have little slips of papers sticking out throughout each of them that have projects that I want to make. Do you do that with books and magazines?

ttf26 004Even a DVD for the Princess.

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flower pumkin 6Got Zucchini? Head over to Dragonfly Treasures and learn how to turn them into Pina Colada jam!

IMG_0058Carole over at Blue Chateau Interiors created a beautiful table out of a pallet! Love this idea!

IMG_5760Thank you ladies for all your inspiration! If you don’t have the “I was featured” button, please grab it!

happythumb_thumb[1]Now, let’s see what thrifty inspiration you had this week!


  1. It is amazing how many books you got for $2.00. Lucky you!!! You'll enjoy many hours of reading!
    Thanks for hosting the party!!!

  2. What a ton of books for only $2.00...ENJOY!!!


  3. You found so many wonderful books! And now you have me local library is having a book sale tomorrow! I think I'll find a big strong bag to take! I'm linked this week! THANKS! ♥

  4. Thank you so much for featuring my Pina Colada sure is yummy!
    I love Library book sales too! Always a great way to find cool books on the cheap.
    Have a great weekend!

  5. When my girls were little, we eventually got the whole Nancy Drew set at library sales. I had the girls sit under the tables loaded with books while I shopped,cause the used book dealers were so vicious!

    Now that I am back at school I miss thrifting and garage saling, but going on a thrifting adventure Saturday, so maybe I can participate next week!

  6. Great reading for the winter. That's when I get to read. thanks for hosting. Ginger

  7. Hi Diann...What a great way to have so many books and such a small price! Happy week!...hugs...Debbie

  8. I do love buying books at the library! Sucha good deal.

  9. Cool Books! Thanks for hosting again! Delighted to join in on the fun!

  10. Those are great. I love the Cmas books, great to get new, (old) ideas! Love pulling them out on a rainy day and going through them!
    Thanks for hosting, Diann!

  11. One of my favorite things to buy are gently used craft/decorating books. You did so good!!! Thanks for hosting, Diann!

  12. Thanks for hosting this great party! I am a newbie to blogging and this is my first time participating! Love the site!

  13. Thanks so much for featuring my pallet side tables and for hosting.

  14. Love that fabric halloween wreath on the sidebar..Happy Fall!

  15. Thanks so much for hosting. I'm going book shopping with you!

  16. Oh I do miss libraries. Are you a Bookcrosser as a Thrifty Blogger I think you would enjoy the concept. Contact me if you want more info or take a look at my profile.

  17. Well you certainly did well with all those book. Lucky girl you are. Thanks for stopping by. Hugs...Lu


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