Thrifty Tablescape Party #4

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Hi everyone and welcome to our 4th Thrifty Tablescape Party!

I wanted to do a sunshiny tablescape for you today since I was using the whole lemon theme. And the next tablescape party will be October, which will be Fall. So, this is the last of summer for this party.

Have you been checking out all the stores clearance summer items? I have! And tableware is going fast everywhere I have been!

I bought these fun bright lemon placemats at Walmart. They were all half off. Which means .50 cents a piece.

TT4 002And here is the back side.

TT4 003I used  my white with gold edged Gibson white dishes. I bought this set a few years ago for $1.00 (27 pieces). If you are a long time reader of this blog you know that in the past I have gotten several whole sets of dishes for only $1.00. Unfortunately, that thrift store doesn’t do that anymore.

TT4 004Next is the matching clearance Walmart lemon plates (.50 cents each). Fun and perfect for a summer table.

TT4 009I topped this with the white and gold Gibson bread plate.

TT4 007TT4 008I love these little glass cardholders. I found them at Michaels clearanced for .99 cents. Each box had 2 lemon and 2 lime so, I bought 2 boxes to have 4 of each.

TT4 015TT4 016TT4 018-tileI just got this set of flatware at Meijers. I have been wanting a set of clear handle flatware for awhile now. And I could NOT beat the clearance price! 

TT4 012TT4 013TT4 014TT4 042A clearanced lemon plate I have had for years.

TT4 010

And if you are creating a lemon table, you MUST serve lemonade!

TT4 024I got this huge heavy glass cookie jar at a yard sale last year. It was on the “Freebie” table! I double checked with the person hosting the yard sale if that was correct and she said yes. I added fresh sliced lemons and a few lemon balm leaves. Since I needed to harvest the lemon balm anyway, I thought it was the perfect things to use to decorate the table along with lemons. Whenever you can use fresh fruit, produce, flowers or herbs from your own garden, it just makes the table so much nicer and fresher in my opinion. Not too mention…free!

TT4 019I used my everyday, from the Dollar Store, glasses for the lemonade. The beautiful etched glasses are a new addition to my glassware. They were FREE! Yes, I got them from my nephew’s friends parents. I talked about that in an earlier post. And these glasses will be used for any adult who may want a little something other than lemonade.

TT4 027 A fruit pitcher I bought for $1.00 at a thrift store.

TT4 044I used bright yellow paper napkins for this table. I mom had bought them for me a long time ago. 

TT4 017

TT4 021TT4 025TT4 022These lemon glass S & P shakers are our everyday summer set we use. They were from the Christmas Tree Shops for $1.00 a set.           

TT4 026TT4 032

You can kind of see in the background that I had a little helper. She was trying to keep things in place when the wind would knock them over.

TT4 033TT4 034TT4 035Arggggh! The wind kept flipping up the napkins and knocking over the cardholders.  It was even moving the flatware out of place! So, I had to do a quite change.

TT4 037TT4 038TT4 039TT4 043TT4 044TT4 046TT4 045

I hope you enjoyed this thrifty sunny lemon table. The entire table came out to just under $15.00. The biggest chunk of money going to my new flatware at $4.25.

Whenever I do a tablescape, I try to let the Princess help me in whatever way she can. She just loves to be part of setting a pretty table. I know, she is the only 3 year old tablescaper out there! LOL Last night Troy and I attended a meeting for all the parents of the children starting Preschool. As the teachers were going through all the different things the kids will be learning, she mentioned that the kids will help set the table for snack time. Troy and I looked at each other and thought “Uh oh! Won’t they be surprised when the princess informs them they are doing it all wrong!”

As the little card holder above states, this table made me smile.

Next Month’s Thrifty Tablescape Party will be October  1, 2011

Okay, let’s see your Thrifty Tablescapes! I can’t wait to see what y’all have come up with! I get so much inspiration from you guys!


I am also joining Seasonal Sunday

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  1. This is awesome Diann! Love the looks of that capri...although the fresh lemonade looked pretty darn good too. Love your table, so bright and sunny. Have a great weekend.

  2. Nice thrifty table items, Diann. Looks very delightful....Christine

  3. I love all your thrifty LEMONS, they're great! I specially love the Christmas tree ornaments and yes, nice prices too! Thanks for hosting. FABBY

  4. Diann this is just the happiest table I've seen in a long time. The lemons are bright and all the details are cute as always. Love that clear handled flatware and what a great price!! Good job and tell the Little Princess she is an amazing helper! hugs, Linda

  5. Yay Hi Diann...super-beautiful as the lemon theme...and yay..the lemon plate you have is really adorable sweet!...I love limoncello too..makes me think of my father..everyone italian household has some in the cupboard ha ha! love your meme...maybe i cna think of some in the future and play along..would be fun!
    Happy end of summer...hope you have been enjoying it!

  6. What time did you say we were going to eat?
    The table is so beautiful.
    I sure could use a glass of Lemonade about now as it is so hot and humid here.
    Have a great weekend.

  7. Gorgeous yellow and white summer table, Diann! Lemonade is my go to drink, especially in the summer...great beverage container.

  8. I love this tablescape! So Whimsical. and it made me smile too! You are so clever!
    Connie H.
    c48444 at msn dot com

  9. Boy! I need to go shopping with you! What deals you found for this beautiful, refreshing table! I love that you kept it real too! If it's not the wind it's having the silverware on the wrong side or the lighting is wrong! We all have had challenges lol in getting the perfect picture. Thanks for hosting! I'll be back for sure!

  10. I continue to be amazed at all the things you find to match a theme! I love it all.

  11. And it made us all smile too! Very bright and cheerful. A nice reminder that summer is not really over just yet.

  12. Diann, I don't know how you do it month after month, you should write a book, a how-to book! xo,

  13. Diann, Ceekay bought her some lemon sliced dishes just like yours! You both have good taste!! You amaze me with your table scapes!!

  14. Diann, This is a very pretty table! I love the lemon theme. Love your lemonade jar and dishes. Very nicely done.

  15. What a delightful summer tablescape! I was at Michael's this week - but I have to confess, I was so focused on my love of all things autumn, I didn't even look for the summer discounts. Then again, I did get fun fall craft projects for the grandkids on sale, so I was happy as well. Have a lovely holiday weekend. :)

  16. Such a bright, sun-shiney table! I love it. The little place card holders are adorable.

    I love the photo with your helper. So sweet!

  17. I love the lemon table. I have been accumulating some lemon table items but I don't think I have enough for a tablescape yet.
    Your's is fantastic. I love the clear flatware Everything turned out perfect. thanks for sharing, Ginger

  18. Happy, happy, happy - that's what your table says.

  19. Love the lemon theme...ran to our WalMart but no such luck....I will be ready for your garage sale!!! Just kidding....lemons and yellow are so cheerful and you should have given us your menu to go with them. pj

  20. I just love all the tableware and china associated with lemons, it would work so well here in Italy :)

  21. I would love to sit and have a glass of Limoncello at this beautiful table! I'm so excited to be going to the Amalfi coast over the Christmas holidays and I can't wait to relax and enjoy. Thanks for the inspiration!

  22. Cute table Diann! I love the happy yellows:@)

  23. Love that big cookie jar in the middle of the table filled with lemonade and that beautiful pitcher. Great table and you sure can't beat the price.

    Great to have you be a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  24. Who wouldn't smile at this table. Not only is it thrifty, it is full of happiness. Yellow always makes me feel happy! ~ Sarah


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