The Princess Goes to PreSchool

Hi everyone!

I can not believe that our little princess is already in preschool! It seems like just a few months ago she was learning to crawl! This week she attended her first class. She was so excited! She gets to play with other little boys and girls. She is so used to being with just adults, that this was the most exciting thing to her!

Although I never show her full face online, I still have plenty of photos to share! Wow, this is like the ultimate brag book that most people pull out and force people to look at! LOL

 miss lia 029 miss lia 032 Let’s talk wardrobe! And because you all would be let down if I didn’t come up with a thrifty wardrobe for the princess, I am not going to let you down! I just picked up this dress last week at a citywide garage sale. The woman had several dresses that I bought from her that were brand new with the tags still on for $2.00-$3.00 each. This dress was $3.00 and you can still buy it at KMart for $16.99! It is just too cute!

miss lia 036And the brown “Hello Kitty” boots were a big hit! All the moms wanted to know where I got them. A yard sale for .50 cents! It was funny because one of the yard sales I went to, I had visited last year and got the princess a ton of clothes. The woman remembered me and said, “Oh good! Youre back. There should be a lot of clothes for her”. Her daughter is one year older than the princess. And her daughter is a clothes horse! Like her mom told me, she would be amazed if her daughter wears each thing 3 times. I can kind of relate to that because they go through sizes so fast!  I just cleaned out the princess’s dresser and closet and have two large garbage bags filled with barely worn summer clothes for donatation.

miss lia 031 The same yard sale woman just gave me the Dora backpack. Looks totally unused. I ended getting about 30 different pieces of clothing, 3 pairs of boots, 4 pairs of shoes and this backpack for $3.50! We ended up exchanging phone numbers and email addresses. She (the yard sale lady) said that around Christmas she will probably have more clothes to get rid of so she will call me. I figure that is about the time the princess will be going into another size. So, this works out nicely!

miss lia 039miss lia 040  I couldn’t wait for this day either! I knew she was going to have so much fun and she was so looking forward to it! And considering the princess has only been away from Troy and I when my parents have taken her or my brother, she has never been without us. So, this is going to give me a few hours on a regular basis alone! I had great plans for these alone hours! So, why………………………………………..

miss lia 048……………..did I stand outside her classroom staring at the closed door crying? What a dork I am! I was just so proud of her.

The princess was just fine with us leaving her there. She kept telling me, “Mama, you can go now. I am with all my new friend!”

Troy and I went to lunch while she was in her class and I spent most of the time……………crying! I wasn’t sad that she was not with me, I was just so proud of the little girl she has become.

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  1. Oh Diann I so relate! I remember when the girls went to pre-school and just loved it and never looked back! They were so excited to be around other kids! Of course the Princess looks adorable and what great bargains. You will get so you enjoy the few hours alone or with Troy but it's OK to cry, you are the Mama!!
    hugs to you all!

  2. That is one adorable outfit, Diann. She is a cutie. I think it is fantastic what you can get for a small amount of money if you take the time. xo,

  3. She is adorable in her new outfit.
    My dil gets a lot of nice clothes for Lil T at GS.
    He is growing so fast that he never gets to wear some outfits, this is a great way to go.
    It is alright to cry but you will soon enjoy your free time also.
    I am glad that she enjoys her time with other little girls.

  4. I feel it, it's a normal mother thing. My 15-y-o went to one-week camp in August and I cried the first morning! No one told me it would be so emotional being a mother!

  5. Oh, that is so normal!! Yet, most Mom's won't even admit the (Momma) crying..The Princess is a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e! The clothing is beautiful and fit for a princess...
    ~~Hugs, My Friend~~

  6. What a sweet post. I remember those first days of letting go, even though my "babies" are now in their 30's. You certainly found bargains on her clothes.

  7. Oh Diann, The Princess looks so adorable in her thrifty yet stylin' outfit. She is just precious.

    LOVE those boots!

  8. Oh don't you love finding someone with the perfect sized bargains for your pretty princess. Our twin grandgirls started pre-school this year as well -- Where does the time go?

  9. Oh, Diann, you are not a dork at ALL. You are a Mom and your precious little girl is going out into the world. Who wouldn't cry? I sure did. That was a sweet post. She's adorable.

    The bargains you got were fabulous! Great job. Susan from

  10. aww..she is so cute! I've cried my share of tears too. It's a big milestone. Sad b/c they are no longer dependent on you 24/7 but a proud day too. You are a sweet mommy and a thrifty one too. The boots are to die for!

  11. Oh do I remember that feeling! They grow up so fast..........Thanks for sharing.

    The French Hutch

  12. This is so sweet. Such a precious little girl, you are right to be proud of her. I like how she assured you that she would be OK!
    It's been many years but believe it or not I still remember each of those days for my three.
    So great that there is this medium to preserve some of this. Wish we had this back then.
    Have a great weekend.


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