Keep Things Together and Organized

Hi everyone!

Life is so much easier if things are together and organized. Especially when space is limited.

I love to use things that I already have to organize. Not a big surprise to any of you huh? Earlier this summer I bought new sheets for our bed at the trailer. They came in this wonderful clear plastic zip bag.

tip of the week 083At the end of the season, I keep my eye open for clearance inflatable beach toys. And this is a great way to keep them all together. Of course, my kidlet is little so, the toys are little. If I don’t put all these treasures together and in a see thru container, I forget I have them. This one is used in our trailer at the campground.

tip of the week 084 This plastic bag is wide enough that when these toys are used and deflated, they will still fit in this bag for easy storage. There are so many uses for these types of bags. I found myself using these while camping to hold things I didn’t want to get wet while at the beach.

tip of the week 085And let’s face it, if you can see what is in the container, you are more likely to use it. I have another one at home that I have already started collecting the wrapped plasticware for next year in.

I also have one of these in our truck with wet wipes, band aids, plasticware, napkins, a dish towel, a cheapo dollar store table cloth and a couple of other things that I have found come in handy keeping them in the truck.

Some ideas:

  • cloth napkins
  • napkin rings
  • cards (I also try to have a stash of these)
  • craft supplies
  • hair accessories
  • maps
  • seasoning and sauce packages
  • pantyhose, trouser socks, stockings, anything you don’t want to get snagged.
  • quilters, keep your cut fabric pieces together
  • fill with rags
  • keep under the sink with Brillo pads, Mr. Clean erasers, scrub brushes etc.
  • appliance manuals
  • larger ones are great to fold and hold all your reusable tote bags to take into a store
  • spools of ribbons
  • sewing accessories

Those are just a few ideas. One thing I do with another empty clear sheet bag like the one above (it has a metal frame) is I put all those half empty bags of rice and noodles in it. It is clear so, I can see what is in there and they won’t fall out of the cabinet and spill all over the floor. It easily slides onto the pantry shelf.

I hope this helped you come up with ideas to use these kind of bags.  Once again, it’s about being able to see what is in the bag that really helps me.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!


  1. I love those sturdy plastic zipper bags! I use them for everything to. The comforter sizes are great for storing blankets or pillows. I have one filled with gift wrapping suplies.
    Yup, Great idea!!

  2. I love those, too. I keep extra blankets in them in the attic. You listed lots more good ideas.

  3. I remember an old quote "Don't agonize, Organize". I truly believe having a place for everything and everything in its place makes for a happier life. I reuse my plastic zip bags when I buy something new. It helps organize and see what is in the closet. Great tips to share.
    Have a great Saturday.

    The French Hutch

  4. I use those zipper bags to keep my napkins dust free!

  5. Great ideas. I use one in the car to keep some wipes and a few paper towels in. Also a few first aid things and it just fits in the glove compartment great. Hugs, Marty

  6. I like to use these bags to gather items together for storage. Next one I get I'm using in the car to hold items and not have them everywhere.

  7. I too love the freebies. They are usually sturdy and have nice zippers.I like the idea of having one in the car. I am going to do that one. Thanks for sharing. Ginger

  8. Bed Linen is sold in zipper bags like these here in Italy and we always use them to store the out of season linen in. At the moment is still warm enough for just a thin sheet but I suspect we will be unpacking the lightweight quilts soon.


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