An Italian Rooster

Hi everyone!

I told you about getting some wonderful free treasures from my nephews friend’s parents. Well, here is another one. I love to find odd and unusual dishes/serving pieces. And this one fits the bill!

8-11 bargains 036Isn’t that a fun rooster tureen? I love the white and faded redish pink colors and it came with the matching underplate.

8-11 bargains 037This fun serving piece was made in Italy. And it is in perfect condition!

8-11 bargains 038And, of course, I have already used it! It is such a great size. I was just setting the table for dinner and it dawned on me that I hadn’t shared this fun piece.

Another little pretty freebie from the same place is this little creamer.

8-11 bargains 039I used it to hold the gravy for the mashed potatoes.

8-11 bargains 040Lovely redish pink roses and other flowers in the design. 

8-11 bargains 041It is a Spode piece! 

Do you find pretty lone creamers while out thrifting? You don’t have to have the sugar bowl that matches. This beautiful little creamers make a perfect little pitchers for gravies, sauces and even little condiment holders. That is how I use all the lone pretty creamers I find. It is not unusual to see a couple of them on our everyday dinner table filled with pickles, sour cream or olives.

Thanks again Zack for hooking me up with all my fun free treasures!  

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  1. What a great free beeie! I am always buying creamers, love collecting them and using them for little flower arrangements.

  2. As soon as I saw this I started hungering for Shepherds Pie or a chunky cheesy potato soup. Great piece and wow- can not beat the price!

  3. I soooo love that Italian Rooster tureen! Both pieces are great, wow, and freebies at that!

  4. Absolutely precious ~ love that roo!

    Susan and Bentley

  5. What a beautiful pc and the price just can not be beat.LOL
    Thanks for sharing

  6. I'm having serious potato envy. Some how my peanut butter and jelly sandwich doesn't quite stack up. What a fun piece.

  7. Wonderful and Fun pieces..congrats.. on the new babies!
    ~~Peace & Love~~

  8. What a fun tureen! Love the colors and that little creamer is one of my fav's!

  9. How unusual is that rooster tureen? I like it.

  10. Diane , I love the Italian Rooster dish! It is so pretty!
    I have to tell you I have so many lone creamers. They come in handy for the holidays for all the sauces and stuff!

  11. Sweet little creamers are so hard to pass up. I have quite a few in my collection. Your Spode creamer is so pretty!

  12. Free is best--especially when filled with good food for your guests!


    I’ve nothing to give but my heart and head;
    No colors have I but yellow and red.

    Please take what I give as tokens of peace:
    And with these small gifts may your joy increase!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Sky Splashed with Red

  13. Those are just lovely pieces. I have to say the rooster tureen would be my favorite, as I have a new affinity for roos, but the little cream pitcher is so sweet.
    :) CAS

  14. You are very fortunate to receive such pretty things free. I have never seen anything like the rosster dish.

  15. I love love love love that chicken tureen....great treasure for you! !


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