How I Love Magazines, Let Me Count the Ways

Hi everyone!

Okay, let me put you in the mood for this post……

You have the house to yourself for the next few hours. It’s a chilly rainy afternoon. Because we are doing a little fantasizing  …. all the laundry is done, kitchen is cleaned and dinner is in the crockpot. You just made yourself a pot of hot tea and grabbed your secret stash of Milano cookies. Now you are curled up in your favorite spot with a warm cozy quilt around you.

Are you mentally there? Good! Now you take out this box you recently purchased at a thrift store and spread out all your reading pleasure.

9-11 bargains 019 Where to start? 25 glorious glossy paged magazines. Ooooh, to think all this for $2.50! Life in the thrifty lane is good!

9-11 bargains 020Oh, should I start with Midwest Living’s January 2010 issue and work my way up to 2011?

9-11 bargains 021Or maybe check out the craft magazines first and start getting some ideas for the coming up holidays?

9-11 bargains 022But then again, Martha always has fun ideas for Thanksgiving.

9-11 bargains 023Maybe we will just start out with dreaming of gorgeous homes through House Beautiful. 

So many choices, so little free time!

My tip today is to check out yard sales, flea markets, thrift stores and your local library for older issues of your favorite magazines.  I bought all these at Value World. They sell magazines for either .25 cents each or 5/$1.00. And then I had my 50% off entire purchase coupon so, instead of $5.00 for 25 magazines I got them all for $2.50! Yes, I really take advantage of that once a month trip to this store with that coupon!

And when you are done with them, pass them off to a friend or family that might enjoy them as well. Or donate them to a thrift store. Because people really do buy them……waving my hand over here!


  1. OOO, I love them, too. I have issues about parting with any of mine. It is like pulling teeth for me to get *rid* of a magazine. I just HAVE to, sometimes, tho and right now, I have a box full to take to the thrift store..someone else can enjoy them...and some are 10 years old. Oh, dear, I've just about talked myself right out of giving them away. :)))
    Happy reading..

  2. What fun!I would really enjoy reading all of these! Great price!

  3. fun! fun! what a great deal on all those fun magazines!! Enjoy!!!

  4. You got some great mags! I buy them at the library and thrift store when I see one I know I would enjoy. I also donate mine. I keep my Southern Living and Country Living but donate the rest. Enjoy that tea and a magazine!

  5. Oh, you and me both, so glad you posted this, my hubby always wants to throw them out and I refuse!! I always go back and look at the decoration ones, I love magazines and when I see a new one, I inmediatelly buy it!! This one was fun. Hugs, FABBY

  6. I never thought of donating mags to a thrift shop. I don't think they take them here, they don't even want books unless they are hardvcover recent bestsellers. Space concerns.
    I do save the holiday issues of some though. Like to look at them to get ideas.I just got a new one, Celebrate. Pricey though, I don't think I will do it a second year due to the cost. Those are def savers!

  7. My mom and I both live near the beach and whenever we have yard sales we bundle our old Coastal Living magazines into cute little stacks tied up with twine. They go like hotcakes- especially to passersby walking down to the beach- something to read while they relax in the sand! :)

  8. Super buy, never thought of that. I will definitely donate a few that I have all over the place. Hugs, Marty

  9. Oh now, that looks like some fun reading! I purged a while ago, but had to hold on to my Martha's and Country Living Christmas:@)

  10. You seriously scored on the magazines, and I'm all for the quiet afternoon, rain, tea, reading :) I usually save my used mags to sell in a yard sale because I learned a few years back, when I just happened to put some in with the selling stuff, that people love to buy them for a quarter! As for start, I'd start with Martha's Thanksgiving, it's coming soon!

  11. What a great bundle of reading you have there. I'm sure they're full of good ideas, too.

  12. Great deal...I take my used magazines down to the senior center or to the nursing homes.

  13. Hours & hours of pleasure for such a sm. price! Yay, YOU, Diann!

    I keep TONS of my magazines...quilting ones, heirloom sewing ones, smocking ones, So. Living ones, Cooking Lite, Tea Time, So. Lady. You get it, I'm sure. My poor DD is going to have an awful time getting rid of them when I'm gone. I hope someone like YOU buys all of them & enjoys them all over again.



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