Yum! Fresh Cherries!

Hi everyone!

Cherries….YUM! They are in season and we take full advantage of that! Did you know that Michigan is the #1 producer of sour cherries in the US? We produce approximately 250 MILLION pounds of them yearly!

c2 To be perfectly honest with you, if you sat a bowl of cherries next to me I would eat the whole bowl without even realizing it! Totally addictive!

recipe 125 When you are having guests (adults) over, a yummy little extra touch to the cherries is lovely. And what is that extra touch? A bottle of red wine!

recipe 127 After you clean your cherries (leave the stems on, it makes it easier to eat) soak them in red wine over night. Delicious!

recipe 131 I like to take a few of the soaked cherries and freeze some in ice cubes to add to drinks!

recipe 132Yummy!

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  1. Yum! I love cherries also, especially in a pie!

  2. Oh I bet they are so good soaked in red wine. I do love cherries and cherrie pie also!

  3. I'm loving the red wine idea. Gorgeous pics.

  4. You are lucky. We only get the ones shipped in. I dearly love them, but they are rather pricey here. Enjoy enough for me too.

  5. black cherries are my fav...i keep them frozen and use them throughout the year as a 'pick me up' ;)

  6. I love cherries, but I don't drink, so I'll yake mine in pie or cake! :)
    I have a few pounds in the frig to pit!

  7. Oh I just adore those! love the browns and oranges, perfect for Fall!

  8. Am I losing it??? i just commented on vintage linens, not cherries. I think it is time to step away from the computer LOL!

  9. The cherries in wine sound and look yummy. I love pie cherries made as preserves too.

  10. I love cherries, too! I take a few, cut them and pit them then...make a bowl of vanilla ice cream and stir some in! That is my FAVORITE sweet treat this summer! (I use low carb, sugar free ice cream! lol...and it STILL tastes great!


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