Vintage Linens

I just couldn't resist this picture when I saw it!

Hi everyone!

I just thought I would share a few vintage table linens I have found recently.

5-11 Bargains 041Two little tea towels (napkins to me) for .24 cents.

5-11 Bargains 043How fun are these brightly colored napkins! They were $1.99 for the 6 of them.

5-11 Bargains 044These are so retro cool!

5-11 Bargains 045They all still had their original stickers on them.

5-11 Bargains 0463 for .99 cents.

5-11 Bargains 050Okay, I must admit, I have searched forever for one of these vintage card table toppers and finally found this one in one of my $1.00 auction boxes.   It is in perfect condition. It fits the top  of a card table when you play bridge. Okay, I don’t play bridge but, I can envision it being used in the 1950’s. Every corner has ties to be tied and kept in place on he table.

5-11 Bargains 051This is the center design. How awesome is this! So, much fun.

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  1. Lovin' the fun bright plaid Diann, and 1972 called, it would like it's acorns back:@)

  2. Love the vintage linens, Diann. Those vibrant colors will really dress up a table.

  3. Linens are so much fun! Congrats on finding that card table topper!

  4. I love vintage linens and I must say I've never seen one of those card table toppers. How fun!

  5. Great finds, I was looking for a placemate and found my tea towel like your heart tea towel. What wonderful bright colors in all your napkins.

    Cathy's Cupboard Calamity

  6. I LOVE all the linens you found, especially the embroidered tablecloth for playing cards. Super cute! I really like the fall colored napkins too!

  7. Great finds, especially that card table topper!!

  8. Wonderful finds! I love vintage linens!! Thanks for linking in...Happy VTT!

  9. I love finding pretty linens! The one with the Fall print is definitely back in style! Looks like fabric I've seen lately! Great finds! ♥

  10. Anything to do with linens, catches my eye. I have so many and use them daily.

  11. Wow, you have a little something for everyone here today!


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