They are Runnin’ Amuck!

Hi everyone!

Holy cow! Our herbs here at home are going crazy! I need to seriously find a good chunk of time to harvest them soon!

Outdoor2011spring 084Barrels of Peppermint and Spearmint! I have never harvested the mint flowers. I think I am going to do that and play around with some recipes using them.

Outdoor2011spring 085Time to cut and dry some dill and dill seeds! And in the background you can see a sage plant ready to be cut back and dried as well.

Outdoor2011spring 086More dill. Some purple basil and oregano all need harvesting!

Outdoor2011spring 087The lemon balm is just huge! And it needs to be harvested first because we dry and sell this one. It is a popular dried herb of ours because it is very difficult to find dried lemon balm. Customers are always asking for it.

Outdoor2011spring 088Lemon Verbena, more purple basil and some thyme are so ready to be cut! 

This is about 1/3 of our herbs here at home. They are all doing amazing!  And I have said it before, but just walking near these herbs, the smells are so wonderful! If for no other reason, planting herbs just for the scent would be something I would do!

All of our plants are completely grown chemical free. We have had such great success growing all of our herbs naturally that I can’t even image using any chemicals! 

We have several neighbors who come over and ask to buy some for our fresh herbs here at home because they are making some recipe right then and there that requires certain herbs. They all know we have a lot of fresh herbs here. We tell them to just pick what they need. Then it never fails, a couple of hours later we end up with a bowl of whatever they just cooked/baked. LOL

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  1. All of your herbs look healthy and happy Diann! Mine are just about at the end of their season:@)

  2. I can't imagine anyone using any sort of chemicals on herbs either. The ones in my pots are huge too, and all I do is give them water. I'm going to try freezing a few this year and see how that works. I've heard you can do that with chives and basil. (Was it you that told me that?)

  3. The lemon balm is incredible...and I love your pink lantern. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  4. Holy smokes, you certainly have a green thumb. These herbs will be nice to use in your kitchen for sure. Lucky you!
    Joyce M

  5. They are looking so healthy and lush, Diann. I can imagine the fragrance...Christine

  6. I have used most of my herbs and have only basil and cilantro left. You sure have a bountiful crop. I hope you are using them in lots of favorable dishes.

  7. Diann, I love herbs. I have used frequetly basil.
    I hope you in my blog, ok?

  8. Calling by as an Outdoor Wednesday participant today Diann, your herb garden is impressive.

  9. Great tray and your garden looks lovely!

  10. What a wonderfully productive herb garden!

  11. Diann, you are right. These gorgeous herbs just knocked my socks off. Good for you and your awesome herb garden.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  12. I have never tried growing herbs. What do you use dried lemon balm for? Awesome herb garden

  13. Wow what a wonderful herb garden you have! Thanks for checking out my kitchen redo!

  14. I'm busy looking at the red border you have around your flowers. What an awesome idea to paint that red..oh got me thinking


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