Revisit~A Few Little Projects

Hi everyone!

Well, today I am sharing a post from last summer. I hope you enjoy it.

Hi everyone! I hope you are having a good week so far! I have just a couple of wee little makeovers for you today. You might remember this post from last month when I made my monogram frame. Well, I still have plenty of the black toile tissue paper left and I kept looking at the frame and the little table and thought something is missing.

Recently at a yard sale, I saw these two little mirror wall hanging things. The mirrors were broken inside (why the yard sale seller didn't take them out is beyond me). I bought the pair for .25 cents with a little redo in mind.

The mirrors were glued onto a piece of paper and that was all there was for a backing.

So I removed the mirror and paper and sprayed painted them black.

I needed to come up with some kind of card board back and I just used what I had!

Then I got out the old Mod Podge and the tissue paper and covered the cardboard.

Oops. I forgot how delicate tissue paper is when it comes in contact with Mod Podge! Okay, back in the house for another piece of cardboard.

I glued the cardboard in place and then used a little trim that matched the frame I did and glued it around the edges. Troy says he likes the "Pop Art" look of the back side! LOL

And now I have a little wall grouping above the small side table. this is the first time I have ever done a grouping on the wall so low to fit with the decor on a table. It is new to me and I am not sure how I feel about it yet. LOL I will have to just "wear" it for awhile and see how it feels.

And here is just a new small addition to the yard. I found this round wicker mirror a couple of weeks ago at a yard sale. It was only $1.00 so, I thought, why not? I have a bunch of free and thrifted wicker going on at the side yard, maybe I could work this in. Of course, the green had to go.

You guessed it! Out came the white spray paint!

Troy and I did a little curbside crawling last week and found this trellis in the trash. It had a few pieces missing but, they were laying on the ground next to it. A little bit of hammering and it was just fine.

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  1. you always inspire me with all your crafts. now i know what to do with old frames i have in the st0rage. thanks:)

  2. I still love the trellis and wicker mirror. You are a great crafty girl!g

  3. Great idea! I'm sure something like this would cost $$$ if bought in a store!WooHoo for yard sales and dumpster diving!

  4. Diane you are such a creative person. I glean so many ideas from your post!


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