Kohls Placemats at the Dollar Tree!

Hi everyone!

I just had to interrupt my regular schedule blog posting to let you all know about this deal!

Last night I had to run to the Dollar Tree for some cellophane to wrap up a gift basket I put together from DTL Herbs for a local charity event. And of course I can’t just run in and get what I need and leave! Oh no! I had to check things out. When I was looking in the dish aisle, I also checked out the placemats.

I spotted these bamboo placemats. Just looking at them I saw they they were a good quality. And then when I picked them up I confirmed that they were really nice. I looked at the tag and they are made for Kohls with an original price of $3.99 each.

They only had the following 3 designs.

8-11 bargains 0018-11 bargains 0028-11 bargains 003I really like the blue in these placemats.

8-11 bargains 0048-11 bargains 005The black and natural pattern is so nice.

8-11 bargains 0068-11 bargainsBeautiful rich color.

Although these would look just wonderful now, when I saw the colors I thought of Autumn. So, you may want to check out your local Dollar Tree store and see if they got some of these in. I know that not all stores get the same thing but, it’s worth a look see.

And on another note….

I have my eyes trained to spot clearance stickers regardless of what store I am in. And that includes the Dollar Tree stores! Since all the wedding decor items are back by the wrapping paper, I spotted an endcap that had some wedding items with bright orange clearance stickers on them. I had to see what it was.

8-11 bargains 008Little white heart boxes and gold heart shaped baskets.

8-11 bargains 0098-11 bargains 010I thought these will be cute for a couple of different ideas for Valentines Day.  Yup, I think that far ahead. So, I picked up a couple packages of each and added it to my seasonal box that I keep in the closet for holiday items I find throughout the year (once full, it is sorted and put in appropriate holiday boxes).

Okay, we can now get back to our regularly scheduled programming!

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  1. Last year I did a lot of my Xmas shopping for the grandkids in the clearance aisles. This year hasn't been so hot! Thanks for the tip. I'll have to check the Dollar Tree in my area for these bargains and more.

  2. These are so nice...I have some like the first ones you posted, but mine are all brown. Thanks for sharing these great deals at NTT!!!


  3. Great find! I will have to check our DT. I found my blue Libby glasses there last year. But like you said, they don't all carry the same items. And our DT NEVER have clearance,and I've check at several different locations.

    Jocelyn @

  4. Nice placemats! I just might have to head to my Dollar Tree and check it out!!

  5. I love it when I find things from other stores there.
    I got great white appy rectangular plates and they were marked Crate and Barrel! They flew out of there.
    Love the placemats, thanks for the heads up!

  6. Love-love the placemats! And you creative ideas too!
    ~~Peace & Love~~

  7. Those are some great deals! Thanks for sharing.
    :) CAS

  8. Cool! I've never noticed anything with Kohl's stickers on them at our Dollar Trees. I'll look harder the next time I go! lol

  9. Squeal! Thanks for the heads-up on the Dollar Tree placemat deal!

  10. Great finds! Cute heart shaped baskets! Thank you for sharing and for visitng my blog and your sweet comments.
    Have a wonderful day!
    Hugs ~Wendy

  11. Great find. I work for Kohl's. I wonder if I'd also get my associate discount on those? LOL Those are items we are mysteriously told to process as a "call back." I've often wondered where they's end up exactly and have never come across Kohl's merch anywhere like that.

  12. Girl I just read both posts above..awesome deals. Loving them all....the vintage ones are my absolute favorite.


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