Keeping Mama Sane!

Hi everyone!

A couple of years ago I wrote a post called Rainy Day Box. This is a box I keep hidden at home filled with different things that the princess doesn’t know about. And things are pulled out during those “bored” days. Well, I do the same thing at our trailer.

Throughout the year I always look for small clearanced dirt cheap toys or little person busy things. Since the princess doesn’t care if it is a Halloween or Easter toy, I really stock up on after Holiday clearance things. They also come from yard sales or thrift stores. All of these things are under a $1.00. Generally they are under .50 cents.

Some of these things are used for stocking stuffers or Easter basket stuffers. The rest get put into the Rainy Day Boxes at home or the trailer. In my mind, I refer to them as, Keep Mama Sane boxes!

You do NOT want to be locked in a 27 foot trailer with a energized 3 year old during a thunderstorm without something to keep her occupied!!

Planning ahead is the key to sanity!

So, in my bedroom closet under my shower bag is a hidden bag of new to the princess surprises.

Harrisville State Park2011 108Harrisville State Park2011 110I did pull out a few things on this trip. I had a yard sale Veggie Tales DVD, bubbles, 2 new books and Crayons/Coloring book that came in handy on this trip.

Harrisville State Park2011 111As you can see, I am talking cheapo stuff. I am lucky because the princess is only 3.  I know the rainy day box will get harder to fill at such cheap prices as she gets older.  Fortunately, I am a pretty good thrifter.

Do you keep a rainy day box for your kids/grandkids so you don’t lose your mind on those whiny “I’m bored!” days?


  1. I would have a few 'surprise' things put back for those kinds of days when the kids were little. I guess it's time to start a box for Tiger! Great idea Diann and I'm still chuckling at the thought of you and the little princess locked in the trailer!

  2. That's such a great idea. When my son was little, I'd box up some of the toys he's stopped playing with, put them a closet on high shelf and a month or two later on a rainy day when he was bored, I'd bring them out and he was thrilled to have something "new" to play with. When those were brought out, I'd fill the box with more old toys. I continued rotating his toys that way for several years. Now, my son does that with his sons. LOL It also helps keep down the amount of toys that are lying around. Have a fun weekend.

  3. We do this at our house too, but we do it a little differently. We have very generous family members who completely innundate our tiny house with gifts at Christmas time. So what we do to compensate for their lack of listening to my pleas of "only one gift per child, they have so much already" is to immediately bag up some of the presents once they've been opened.

    We scoop them right up, pop them into the nearest available gift bag and then disappear them into the basement where they get boxed up and labelled. By summer vacation the kids have completely forgotten what's in the box and it's now a highly anticipated tradition to get to reopen everything on the first "bored/rainy day" in summer.

    Then we limit them to only taking out and playing with a few things at a time to keep them excited. Once the whole box has been picked over, I rotate out some of their older toys and move them into the basement so they don't get bored of those either.

    Just before the holidays roll around again we sort through everything and decide what we've outgrown and make a pile for donation. :)

    Sorry, long winded comment!


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