Fun Craft Organization Ideas

Hi everyone!

I love thinking outside the box for organization ideas and I came across a bunch of fun ones at Better Homes and Gardens!

p_100236044You know I love my shoe hangers!

p_100398085Attach baking cooling racks

p_100398086Use wire plate racks

p_100489588Old Suitcase

p_100489708Pants hangers and clear bags

p_101013546This is a vent cover.


p_101096216Cup tree and cups

p_101096219Dish Drainer        

p_101236742Shower Rack

p_101256928Pill keepers

p_101096222Paper Towel Holder

I hope you enjoyed and got some inspiration from these fun ideas. Most of these items used could be purchased super cheap at yard sales or thrift stores!

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  1. These are some super ideas! I hope to get a craft area one of these days and will use a couple of these for sure.

  2. What great "outside the box" ideas! Especially love the old suitcase one!

  3. What great ideas, Diann! I have to put some of these to use. xo,

  4. Great ideas Diann! Thanks!

    Jocelyn @

  5. Love these ideas! That recycled vent cover is such a great out of the box idea. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Thanks for sharing these ideas. I actually have some of those things and hadn't thought of using them in those ways.

  7. the paper towel holder is so cute for the ribbon!! And the pill keeper is a perfect idea for all those tiny little scrapbooking supplies!


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