Cook an Extra Meal

Hi everyone!

Do you make up an extra meal when you are making one to eat that night? I try to do this a couple of times a week. Everyone’s lives are so crazy busy and it is so nice to have your very own frozen dinner to just pop in the oven when you don’t have time to cook.

One of my favorite meals to double up on is lasagna. Since lasagna is a little labor intensive,  I always figure I might as well make up an extra to freeze. It is pretty much as easy to make two as one.

tip of the week 086(yes, I am all about the cheese!)

We all know single moms who are so busy and would appreciate a dinner being delivered to them from time to time. Well, my brother is a single dad with full custody of 3 teenage sons. He has raised them by himself for 10 years. He works full time, coaches baseball and is very involved with his boys. I know he lives in complete exhaustion on a regular basis. So, making an extra meal from time to time and delivering it to him as a surprise is a small burden off his shoulders. Have I mentioned how proud I am of my brother? He has done an amazing job raising his boys and turning them into wonderful young men.

tip of the week 087 tip of the week 088 Even a small bonus one.

Having an extra meal all ready to cook in the freezer is a blessing. It can save you money and time. And aren’t those the two things we all seem to need!

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  1. Good idea, and folks that live alone or 1-2 in a household can make two smaller dishes out of a normal recipe and have one ready in the freezer:@)

  2. This is a great idea, but just cooking one meal is a big deal for me. hehehe How wonderful that you plan treats for your brother. He must be a wonderful man.

  3. Great idea...I am betting your brother loves you for making his day, too!

  4. Great Idea! Seriously, so smart! I'm never together enough to think that far ahead. I do a good job getting one meal cooked! ha!

  5. Oh, Diann, I wish I had some of that lasagna right now! I'm all about the cheese too. :-) I know your brother is so appreciative of your contributions. Since it's just me, and I don't know how to cook small, I share dishes like this, soups & desserts with my kids. Makes a big difference for them with hungry teens.

    The Yoplait deal is great! I'm a strong advocate for anything that supports those with cancer and/or research.

    Hope you're having a great weekend!

  6. I've "liked" Yoplait on FB too!


  7. You are a great Sis! I don't have a lot of freezer space but plan to make a few meals during the winter for my daughter! New parents are very stressed as you well know!

  8. I bet your brother really loves you! That looks really delish!

  9. This is a wonderful tip! I really like the idea of being able to share the extra meal with someone who would really appreciate it.

    Now I'm going to look for some bargains on casserole dishes at the yard sales and thrifts. It would be nice to have some extra dishes that you didn't have to worry about getting back.

  10. Diann,
    I am all about the cheese too!! LOL!!
    Looks wonderful and my mouth is starting to water. Pasta is my downfall!!

    Please come by when you can to see our stay at the Stegmaier mansion!!



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