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Hi everyone!

Ahhhhh, for the love of camping! I know there are a lot of you out there that do not enjoy camping. And that is fine. I grew up camping and they are some of my most treasured memories. I love to camp. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am a major anti-bug kind of sissy girl in a lot of ways. I despise bugs. Doesn’t matter what kind. I am not even a fan of butterflies because they are just big flying bugs to me. But, that doesn’t stop me from loving camping.

And now that we have a travel trailer, that love has just increased. However, I still like to camp. We don’t spend a lot of time inside the trailer. We enjoy sitting around a campfire and doing outdoor activities. The trailer is a nice place to retreat to. And having a real bed and a bathroom is very nice. Oh, and let’s not forget having a place to relax with a/c!

I set up a kitchen to do most of my cooking outside. I have a long table that I set up outside. I like to keep as much of this outside as I can. Going in and out of the trailer can create a big mess when you have a little one. Not to mention, I want to keep the trailer as cool and bug free as possible! LOL

Harrisville State Park2011 018Our grill sits right next to the table.

Harrisville State Park2011 017I try to get something cooking first thing in the morning in the crockpot. That way anyone can help themselves whenever they get hungry.

Harrisville State Park2011 019Keep all the essentials in a neat wire holder. I save all those individual plastic utensil packs you get at restaurants and use them camping. They are perfect because they are all wrapped up and ready to grab. 

Harrisville State Park2011 020 Another handy small kitchen appliance to have outside is an electric griddle. Of course, the beach sand is optional. Oye!Snacks and a large jug of water is a must as well.

Harrisville State Park2011 021And a basket of all those fast food condiments are perfect for camping!  A cheap tray of some sort comes in handy as well.

I also keep a coffee pot on the table and a cooler under the table. I try to make and keep a cold salad of some sort ready in the cooler as well as sandwich fixin’s . We usually have a second cooler for drinks.

Keeping things as simple as possible is the key to a fun relaxing vacation in my opinion. The more self-serve things are, the better for me! Not too mention, we are on a tight budget. These are some money saving things to do. You’re not saving tons of money but, every little bit helps.

Since most campsites these days have electrical, I did this same setup when we tent camped.

Do you have any money/time/stress camping tips?

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  1. We have an outdoor kitchen at our campground too. My son and SIL made it and even laid ceramic tiles on the top of it. It has shelves in it for our pots and pans and utensils. We cook there and we wash dishes there too when needed. The camper has a stove and fridge but they are mini size and I only use the stove if the weather is bad out. Our grill is right next to the outdoor kitchen too. They all love to cook and make some wonderful meals too. We've been in the same spot 4 years now and it seems every year we make some improvements. I love camping but this is what I call luxury style camping. It's a great idea for folks to try at home too when they cook outside a lot. Saves a hot kitchen.

  2. As soon as I heard indoor plumbing and a/c, well, I might consider giving camping a try! Very cute set up, I bet your daughter loves it. xo,

  3. Looks like a great set up! We are new to camping and these are all ideas I can use! Thanks a bunch.

  4. I haven't camped in many years. I would if we had a camper but my 'tent' days are over! Love setting up an area outside with water and soap to clean up before heading inside!

  5. When we go camping we go with tents only. Sadly we don't have a trailer to enjoy. It sure would be nice though :) Would love to the a/c, bathroom and a place to plug in a crockpot.

    I also love your idea of saving the forks, little packs of goodies from fast food places to bring.

    We do bake something when we go a cardboard box that we made :)

  6. I have never been a camping person. Therefore, never been on one. Being in a trailer might be okay, but a tent, never.

  7. You have thought of everything to make camping safe, enjoyable and memorable!


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  8. Like you I am a very organised person which is a great help when camping! We always had a camping holiday every summer when our girls were young, happy memories.

  9. THose are all good ideas. I love camping and love to learn something.

  10. Great ideas. Our Son is the camper and has all the tents. If we go we tag along with him. Love all the red appliances.

  11. wow you are such an organized camper. i used to camp with my parents when I was younger. Good times!

  12. So now I'm going to expose myself for just how little I know about camping: How do you plug in the electric griddle and the Crock Pot when you're out there in the wild? I was forced to go to Camp Little Flower for 3 summers as child. I thought my parents hated me. Why else would they send me to a place that has no air conditioning, no indoor toilets, and where you are constantly surrounded by all things natural? It wasn't my thing. My sister LOVED it. She would have married Euell Gibbons if he'd been a few years younger! But there's something fundamentally great about camping. I think it makes a person use their creativity and drum up skills they didn't know they had. Cooking over an open fire might take a moment to master, but I think the end result could actually be pretty great. After all, who doesn't like hotdogs and marshmallows fresh off a stick? They're the best! Hats off to you for braving the great outdoors! And in the time it has taken me to write this, I think I have figured out the plug in thing. You plug it into the cigarette lighter of the camper? What if you don't have a camper, though?

  13. wow, first time to visit here and i like your thrifty ideas. i love to absorb thriftiness in my life too. sounds like you have a good time in your camp out. i love going outdoors but we just do picnics rather than camping out coz there are bears in our neighborhood. looking forward to join your meme. Mel Cole @ hearts content of a mama.

  14. Hi Diann, Fun post! I think you are a very fun mom! And a good cook, with creative tablescapes too.
    Please consider linking up to my next blog party on Sept 15: Travels Near And Far. It's about any sort of trip/event you go to and want to chronicle.
    Hugs, Beth


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