Thrifty Things Friday #16!

Hi everyone!

**I know this is way early to post my party but, today is going to be a super busy day. As I am finishing up this post it is about 10:00am and we have ground up huge amounts of 4 different dried herbs and have garlic jelly being canned. So, I didn’t want to get caught up in my day and totally forget about posting this. That is something I would do~!**

Today I am just showing one thrift find. But, since I am a total vintage linens junkie, it’s worth showing all on it’s own. LOL

Oh, sometimes you just come across a thrift find that makes your heart flutter! And that is what happened when I found this beautiful gem of a tablecloth!

Although it doesn’t show up very good in this picture, the main color on the fabric (the center area) is a light sage green.

5-11 Bargains 036Such beauty! You just don’t find tablecloths of this detail any more.

5-11 Bargains 037Aren’t these flowers just gorgeous!  Just perfect!

5-11 Bargains 038The details are stunning!

5-11 Bargains 039That’s right, it still has the original tag on it! Can you believe this beauty was never used! 

5-11 Bargains 040I LOVE the back side on the paper tag! This is something you definitely don’t see very often any more.

I can’t wait to use this fantastic find. Does it sound odd that I plan to preserve the paper tag that is attached to it? I am not sure what I am going to do with it but, it seems a shame to take it off and just toss it.

This week’s Features!

happythumb_thumb[1]Grab your button! 

Marigene at Middle of Nowhere shows us a beautiful and thrifty tablescape. I love these leaf dishes!!

002Chloe at L’Heure Bleue at Home showed us some beautiful thrifted green beauties!

DSC00847Sarah at Hyacinths for the Soul shared with us this adorable “Tea with two patriots”. Check out her sweet thrifted friends!

teaparty2Thank you ladies! 

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  1. I love that tag! I love how it is written and is definitely worth preserving. You certainly don't see many tags like that nowadays.. And that tablecloth is simply beautiful... I love the sage green color with the pretty pink flowers.It is impossible to find pretty tablecloths like this any more. Thanks for stopping by and inviting me and today is my first link up. Your newest follower~Poppy

  2. lucky you! i love the green shade and the dainty flower designs.

    btw. hope it's ok with you i'm linking up a fashion post( well, the tank top was a thrift find^_^). my diy blog is at a lost recently ^_^

    God bless, Diann

  3. Gorgeous! What a great find!!! You should put the tag in a little bitty frame, with the back facing out so you can see it! That would be so cute!

  4. I agree with Heidi, I'd frame the tag. I love that tablecloth and to find one that has never been used is especially good.

  5. I love the tag and don't blame you for not wanting to remove it.
    That is one beautiful find I love those little flowers.
    Have a great day.

  6. What an amazing find. I don't think I've ever found an unused vintage table cloth AND the tag. Love the pretty colors!

  7. Such a pretty tablecloth, LOVE the tag and wish we saw more like that these days! Happy Canning-I'm making relish today:@)

  8. Those old Startex tablecloths are hard to find. Yours is just beautiful and such a rare one with the original tag! Thanks for sharing and for hosting the party!!!

  9. Oh that tablecloth sure is pretty. I love the colors...Christine

  10. That tablecloth is gorgeous. It's almost Asian looking. I love the pink blossoms. Thanks for hosting another fabulous party. I always enjoy everyone's postings.

  11. What a beautiful tablecloth. If anyone can find the perfect table setting to adorn it, I know it will be you. I would take a photo of the tablecloth and frame it with the tag.

    We are supposed to have un-midwesternly heat for a few days so I have extra household duties (and more water hauling) on those days. Add to that computer troubles (my son says I have signs of slow motherboard death) and I think I will not be able to play along or comment as much for a while.
    It means I may miss Christmas in July but I have a great vintage share when I get back online.
    Also, my family was hit hard in northern IL with last Monday's storms and at noon today still did not have power back. So the help I had counted on this weekend at my place probably is not coming.
    Thought I would let people know why I may disappear. If anyone knows the answer to my blogged question about lone saucers I'd still like to know.

  12. Diann that cloth is lovely! What a find indeed. It has that purple you love so much and that gorgeous green! I am sighing with envy! I would for sure save that tag, maybe make a collage of made in America tags. Thanks for hosting and it sounds like you have had a very busy day.

    hugs, Linda

  13. Lovely colors! Oh to be able to buy American made textiles again. I still have towels I bought 20 years ago but you buy towels now and they are rags in a year.

  14. Not much of anything is made in the states, any more! This older tablecloth was really a find. The colors and the pattern are so indicative of a better era in American manufacturing. Definitely save that label! Thanks for hosting, Diann. :-) Sue

  15. I am coveting your tablecloth! What a beauty. And I would absolutely keep the tag. It's so charming. I love vintage linens too. The quality is outstanding. Thanks for hosting and I hope your day went well.

  16. The tablecloth is a true find! And with the tag attached too! Thank you so much for featuring my post. It's such a thrill.

  17. That tablecloth is so pretty. I agree, I would keep the tag. That is a rare find!
    Thanks for hosting, Annette

  18. What a beautiful tablecloth! I love finding vintage linens, and such a rarity to find one unused. Thanks for sharing and for hosting this party.

  19. garlic jelly? interesting. that tablecloth is gorgeous, it could even be framed! love it, and thanks for hosting. have a fabulous weekend!

  20. That is a gorgeous tablecloth. You are so lucky! I love the colors and the Dogwood blossoms!
    Thanks for sharing and hosting
    A little oops here - I accidentally linked up something twice and am not able to delete one - They are links 22 and 38. So sorry!

  21. Lovely vintage linens Diann. Love the first one with the beautiful flowers and colors. Thank your for featuring my recipe for your Featured Sunday Post to DTL Herbs Blog. See you there Sunday. Thanks for hosting your Thrifty meme today.

    The French Hutch

  22. I, too, feel the ol' heart flutter when I find vintage linens with their original tags. Sad they were never used, but such a wonderful piece of history! I hope you enjoy using your lovely dogwood cloth!

    In just a few days, I'm having a Vintage Linen & Dish Auction to celebrate my first year of blogging. I hope you'll stop by and click the button on my sidebar to get all the details!

  23. Diann,
    The vintage tablecloths have the best colors! Thanks for linking it up!


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