Thrifty Tablescape Monthly party #2!

Hi everyone!

Welcome to the 2nd Monthly Thrifty Tablescape party!!

Earlier this week I showed you this gorgeous lettuce we got at the Farmer’s Market this weekend.

Dundee FM 2011 012Now, don’t get me wrong, I love to use fresh flowers on my table but, the good Lord gave us so many beautiful things that it seems a shame  not to show off all the beautiful bounty available to us. Like this fresh lettuce!

So, this month’s Thrifty Tablescape is going to focus on using something as simple and thrifty as fresh lettuce to decorate with. Not only can you use it for centerpieces, you get to eat your centerpiece afterward!  Talk about double duty thriftiness!

This is was the first centerpiece that came into my mind when I first saw this lettuce.

play with your food tables 011Using my shabbified white meal tiered server. Just beautiful.

play with your food tables 006

play with your food tables 005I tucked little berry colored tealights all around on both tiers. You should see how pretty this looks at dusk!

play with your food tables 001Two place settings were set. The placemats were clearanced for .28 cents each (CTS). The two wood napkin rings were from the recent big bag of napkins rings I bought. the napkins (set of 4) 1.00.

play with your food tables 002play with your food tables 004The Provence Les Olive  green dinner plates came from a thrift store. .50 cents each.

play with your food tables 003The pretty pink flower canapé plates came from CTS, clearanced .59 cents each.

play with your food tables 007play with your food tables 008Beautiful vintage embroidered table square was a gift from a friend. 

play with your food tables 009At this point, I was just going to finish off the table with all the other little accoutrements.  When I went back inside, I saw the big box of fresh tomatoes that Troy had picked that morning and thought this would be beautiful……

play with your food tables 013play with your food tables 015pageSeriously, is there anything better than straight from the garden tomatoes?  Once again, very thrifty since we grew them ourselves!

Well, that centerpiece made me think of maybe a simpler, kind of country centerpiece. So, here I go again!

play with your food tables 019Why not use a simple basket filled with the lettuce? I added some of our beautiful fresh basil and a little plate of strawberries. I tucked a few pretty embroidered napkins in as well.

play with your food tables 020Isn’t that basil gorgeous! And this was cut two days and kept in the fridge until these pictures were taken!

play with your food tables 021Beautiful mixed with the lettuce!

play with your food tables 022I just added a stack of four of these Abbey Hill Collection dinner plates. I paid $1.00 for the set of 4.

play with your food tables 024play with your food tables 023I have had this beautiful set of 6 embroidered napkins and matching table topper for years. I bought it at a flea market for $2.00.

So, hauling the stuff back into the house I saw my new vintage glass cake stand that I picked up at a yard sale recently ($1.75) and thought, “Ohhh, wouldn’t that be a pretty centerpiece?”. Gathering up some different dishes and outside I go again! Yes, my neighbors really do think I am nuts!

play with your food tables 026Pretty huh? I had to show it without the dishes first. Yes, that is my little stack of them in the background.  I picked up 2 of these pretty hand painted hurricanes at CTS clearance for $1.29 each. I added a clearance candle (.38 cents).

play with your food tables 027Can you tell I am enjoying showing some of my beautiful vintage embroidered table toppers? This one also came from a friend. So pretty!

play with your food tables 028play with your food tables 029The placemats were also for CTS clearanced for .28 cents each.  

play with your food tables 030play with your food tables 033The salad plates were from a thrift store for .20 cents each. The small lighter  blues ones were from the same thrift store for .10 each.

play with your food tables 031I bought these adorable little ceramic pig napkin rings a while ago at a little antique store in Ohio. I paid a couple of dollars for the set of 8.

play with your food tables 032I have had these pretty white embroidered linen napkins for years. 

Let’s try another look with this glass cake stand…..

play with your food tables 035A recently thrifted milk glass pitcher, a glass plate and some fresh berries. Oh, I like this one!

play with your food tables 036By the way, all the flowering plants in the background of all these pictures are herbs. We have little boxed herb planters around our patio. I didn’t want anyone to think they were weeds! LOL 

play with your food tables 038It just has such a lush look to it!

play with your food tables 039So pretty, thrifty and easy!

I have to admit, I could keep doing this and playing with different looks all day long!  But, since this has turned into such a long post already and unfortunately I have work to do and of course you all are probably bored out of your minds by this point, I will stop here and just hope I gave you some ideas for creating your own fun, easy, pretty and thrifty centerpieces!

Thank you so much for stopping by and for linking up! Have a wonderful day and a great holiday weekend!!

Let’s see your thrifty tablescapes!

The next TT party will be August 6th!

I will be joining:

Pink Saturday

Saturday Nite Special

Seasonal Sunday

Sunday Showcase Party

Metamorphosis Monday


  1. Hi Diann...

    Ohhh my gosh, Girlfriend! You are a creative genius! I realize that this pretty lettace is used to decorate a pretty plate of food but really never thought of using it for a table centerpiece! I love it! really is sooo fresh...and so summery! But I have to tell you...I tried to choose a favorite and just couldn't! I love each and every centerpiece that you made! Ohhh...and your tables were just gorgeous as well! I really enjoyed all of your beautiful embroidered table linens, my friend! Just mouth watering! Mmmm! And...each one of your table place settings was just as beautiful! have given me much to think about...I feel truly inspired! Thank you, dear lady...for sharing your great tips and ideas...and beautiful tables with us today!

    Love ya,

  2. Your tables are so fantastic, the edible centerpieces are out of this world, love it, the linens are unbelievable, and we have certainly had our share of red-white-blue tables and flag centerpieces for this year. Thanks for hosting Diann, have a great weekend. xo,

  3. Oh the pink and green combination - one of my favorites...but the lettuce centerpieces are even more fabulous! Lettuce is so gorgeous! You did a magnificent job with your tablescapes! I am sharing on FB!

  4. WOW!!! I just love your tables! I collect embroidered table linens, and I really like the pretty ones you have shown. I LOVE the fresh veggie centerpieces!! Those are just perfect for summer! And the piggy napkin rings are adorable!

  5. Your centerpieces are FABULOUS!!!! I LOVE every one of them and they add so much to your thrifty table settings.
    You did GOOD on this one!!!
    LOVE!! LOVE!! LOVE!!

  6. Your centerpieces are great Diann, lettuce can really be pretty! Of course the piggy napkin rings caught my eye, so fun! Wishing you a great July 4th Weekend:@)

  7. I love that stand and the way you decorated with it. I also really like those pink plates. It's always so much fun to read your posts.

  8. Clever, colorful and absolutely delightful!!! What an inspiration you are. One question: what/where is the "CTS" where you have found the beautiful plates?

  9. Every time I thought I had chosen a favorite look you show me something new! How creative can one person be with one simple item as inspiration? Thanks for opening our eyes to possibility.

    So the question is, did you ever get the opportunity to enjoy eating those luscious fruits and veggies?

  10. We must be on the same page, except you are in creative excellency! I just got a huge batch of tomatoes and cukes from my friend and made a little vignette with them on my side table along with yet another tablescape for next week. They are not nearly as impressive as yours with the lettuce and tiered tray. I love what you created! An edible centerpiece, how cool is that! I also really adore your newest red and white dishes along with the blue salad plates you got for .20cents. What a deal on all of them!

  11. Happy Pink Saturday Diann Sweetie...
    What a gorgeous share today. Oh my gosh did you ever outdo yourself today. You have my mind swimming with ideas for the use of lettuce now. It is beautiful displayed and eatable as well. I love the share of lettuce and tomatoes in your beautiful two-tiered meal server. My gosh is that ever breathtakingly beautiful. (Troy did a fabulous job with his tomatoes). I got 12 off of my patio tomato plant that I planted and experimented with this year. I was so tickled. Nothing is better than a fresh-mouth-watering tomato. Yum.

    Love your linens sweetie, your dishes are absolutely fabulous. You find some of the best prices ever. I am not quite that lucky, but I do look. Love the flower plates most of all. They are so pretty and delightful. Really made your table pop.

    Hope you and Troy have a fun filled weekend. Enjoy the fireworks for the 4th of July. Tony and I love watching them. SO magical and fun. Many hugs all the way from Phoenix. Love, Sherry

  12. I think lettuce was the perfect choice for decorating your outdoor table. Happy 4th of July and PS!

  13. Love the tablescape, so pretty. Neat centerpiece too ;)

  14. Bonjour,
    A nice moment staying on this beautiful post
    I enjoy everything here
    Hvae a nice week-end

  15. Hi, I just came across your blog while I was going through some of the PINK SATURDAY ones. I
    have not seen yours before, and am so glad I went to it. I think you definetely have a new follower!! I loved ALL three of your tablescapes
    Each one has it's own personality and the china and glassware you used is delightful..what great
    bargains on the placemats, napkins, and china, too....where do you girls find these great buys?
    Seems I never see anything like this around where I live!!
    The use of the fresh veggies and herbs was a great idea, too. Some of the fresh produces do add an "outdoor" atmosphere to an occasion, don't they??
    I'll be back!! Francy

  16. Wish I could reach through the screen and grab those veggies ~ especially the tomatoes! Nothing better than a fresh tomato sandwich.

    Love the dishes, etc., too...the red & white ones are my colors!

    Happy 4th!

  17. That centerpiece with the lettuces looks professional! What an idea! Just great! Thanks for hosting.

  18. My goodness! 4 different centerpieces! I love the one with lettuce and tomatoes best; really I like every one of them. Those blue placemats look familiar - I won some in your giveaway! They have been on the table continuously until yesterday, when I put out red/white/blue ones for the 4th of July. Love the pink floral plates too, Diann. You have such a sense of style! I will be linking up soon.
    Blessings, Beth

  19. Who knew-lettus. Love all the transformations. I also wish my tomatoes came in this early. I love doing tables too. Thx for sharing
    yours.Have a safe happy holiday.



  20. I love the lettuce centerpieces! The one with the tomatoes is my favorite, but they are all delightful!!

  21. Diann, you have more creativity in that head of yours than I could have in years of trying to be creative! What wonderful tables and centerpieces you've created! I love all of those beautiful vintage linens, and your fresh centerpieces are brilliant and beautiful! This post was full of fabulous inspiration! laurie

  22. Love your thrifty scapes. The lettuce is a great touch!

    - The Tablescaper


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