Spearmint Simple Syrup

Hi everyone!

The mint is finally at the point of harvesting and I couldn’t be more excited! Besides many other culinary uses, I love to use them in my iced teas. So, today I thought I would share one of my favorite simple syrups to be used in iced tea (or hot tea).

This is really an easy thing to make up and keep on hand in the fridge.

Let’s head out to our barrel of fresh Spearmint and pick some.

recipe 071The sun is hitting our mint barrels this morning and it smells divine!

I picked about a palm size amount of spearmint leaves.

recipe 072Into the mortar they go. I just want to release the fresh yummy oils from the leaves so, with the pestle I just do a quick crush .

recipe 073As you can see, I am not worried about completely pulverizing them , just crush them up a bit.

recipe 075Now, into a small sauce pan they go. Add 2 cups of water and 1 cup of either sugar or Splenda. I am using Splenda because I really try not to use too much sugar. Place on the burner and cook at about medium high (between 6-7 on an electric stove) until you get it up to a light boil.

recipe 077 recipe 079

Once you have reached boiling, allow to boil for about 5 minutes and then turn your heat down to low (between 2-3). And just let it reduce down by almost half. About 45 minutes.

Then strain out all the mint leaves and pieces and store in an airtight jar in the fridge and you have a refreshing treat to add to your iced tea!

spearrmint tea 009 Thank you for stopping by! I hope you are having a wonderful week!


  1. So refreshing! I love your yellow tea. xo,

  2. I love mint in my sweet tea! Yummy!!

  3. Sounds very refreshing, I will definately have to give it a try! I have been preserving Lemon Balm in ice cube trays with water and freezing for use in my glass of tea! We have to find some way to beat the heat! Thanks for sharing your recipe!
    Happy Gardening!

  4. Sounds heavenly! I love the taste of spearmint, so I think I need to go buy myself a plant. Oh, and last week I dried some basil in my car. It smells so amazing in there, and I can't wait to pick some lemon balm and do it again!

  5. That looks lovely! Will have to give it a try this afternoon. My (Southern) husband loves his iced tea, and this should be a nice surprise. Thanks for sharing - and for the great photos!


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