Simple Yellow Rose Tea

Hi everyone!

I don’t know about your part of the world but, here in Michigan we are in an ugly heat wave week. Everyday this week is supposed to be in the high 90’s and the lowest humidity forecasted for this week is 68%. We actually need a rainy day. Everything is so in need of some good steady rain.

Okay, enough whining about the weather. I am sure this is going to come as a total shock, but my entire teascape for today was thrifted. I know…amazing huh? LOL

Today’s tea is based around this set of yellow rose teacups I recently picked up. The set came with 3 teacups, 3 saucers, 3 dessert plates and a creamer. The entire set was $1.00. How could I pass it up?


It looks like I have tea in the creamer but it is actually a homemade Spearmint simple syrup. We have been harvesting mint this week and I really love to have several little bottles of different simple syrups in the fridge to be added to either hot tea or iced tea. I will be posting the recipe tomorrow!

page2spearrmint tea 004I bought this loaf of whole wheat raisin, walnut and cinnamon bread at the farmers market this past weekend.  I plan to use the loaf to make some bread pudding this week.

spearrmint tea 007I am using my creamy yellow thrifted teapot.

spearrmint tea 011I just picked up this wicker tray  at a yard sale for .50 cents. I really like how big it is.

spearrmint tea 008Today is definitely an iced tea kind of day!

spearrmint tea 010page3I love this new to me set of china flower napkin rings. they are so pretty!  I bought them at a thrift store for $1.05 for a set of 4. One of them has a few chipping issues but, I still like them.

spearrmint tea 014 spearrmint tea 023 I added a couple of old, somewhat tattered pieces of lace.

spearrmint tea 027spearrmint tea 035spearrmint tea 036Oh, the ice is melting fast! I need to wrap up this photo shoot and get back into the AC and enjoy a tall glass of iced tea!

spearrmint tea 040spearrmint tea 039spearrmint tea 045spearrmint tea 044Thank you for stopping by for tea with me today!  I hope you all have a wonderful day and stay cool!

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  1. What great finds! Your items are beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. What wonderful treasures. I love them and your teascape is so pretty and inviting. Hugs, Marty

  3. Your yellow rose tea is refreshingly perfect for a hot day! Your loaf od bread will make incredible bread pudding! I love that stuff!! Bread pudding one of those "comfort foods" that always make me think of my childhood and dinners with folks from church.

  4. Hi Diann,
    Love the yellow! So pretty! One of my favorites you've done so far! I know what you mean with heat and humidity. It's 91 degrees with 60% humidity and we have a tropical storm out on the Atlantic side not like hurricane season in Florida.
    The bread looks really good too!

  5. What a beautiful tea! I love the yellow roses, I think my mom had a tea pot just like that! Brought back a sweet memory!
    The napkin rings are gorgeous!
    I got the box, sent you and email!
    Thanks SO much!

  6. Looks lovely! I love the yellow roses and tea pot. I am sure that does not surprise you though!

    ~ Tracy

  7. Everything looks so lovely Diann. But I am crazy for your teapot!! What a beauty!

    Jocelyn @

  8. I just adore your yellow teapot. I grabbed your "I was featured" button and included a link back to The Thrifty Groove. Thanks so much for your kind comments and for dropping by L'Heure Bleue At Home.

  9. I am ready for some of that ice tea! It is hot hot hot here also. Love the sweet yellow rose teacups! Stay cool and enjoy that tea!


  10. Your iced tea looks so refreshing! The yellow rose teacups are just beautiful. You sure know how to find a bargain; love that!

    The yellow rose napkin rings work perfectly with this sweet teascape. Very nice!

  11. Diann, Your tea tray is so pretty! I really love the yellow rose theme. I am sitting at my computer now with a glass of orange spice iced tea and it really hits the spot. Thanks for responding to my question about the herbal remedies. I have several herbs in the garden and the main things I do with them are put them in tea (lemon balm, lemon verbena, spearmint, choc mint) and just enjoy the smells (the aforementioned and rosemary, cilantro and oregano). I also have lavender and had sage which died out over the winter. I ordered some culinary lavender and some resources on cooking with or otherwise using lavender so that should give me some fun (and delicious) ideas. Funny you should mention borage/comfrey. I had some in my garden a few years ago and it was and is a very invasive cultivar. I found it over 100 yards away - a new plant - plus many other places in my garden so ended up pulling it. I still, several years later, find it coming up. Too bad I bought THAT variety, as it is an attractive plant. I wish you a wonderful and hopefully cooler week, Diann.
    Hugs, Beth

  12. The yellow rose pieces are so sweet, but that yellow teapot is the cutest thing I've seen. Nice display.

  13. Your yellow teapot is just too sweet. But, honestly, I can't stop staring at your lovely ice tea. It was 94 degrees today and that would have been splendidly refreshing.

  14. We have the heat without the humidity. It all looks great. I love the teapot. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  15. Your yellow rose tea set is so beautiful. I think my mom had dishes similar to that when I was young. The napkin rings go so perfectly!! But, oh my, I'm in love with your tea pot!

  16. Great finds. The simple yellow rose is just lovely. I like the yellow tea pot too! Here's to lots of iced tea!!!!! Happy Tea Day!

  17. The napkin holders match your tea set very nicely. We're experiencing the same type of weather here in Ontario so I'm glad you're serving iced tea.

  18. Dear Diann,

    I just love your yellow rose tea! So delicious looking,(and no doubt yummy tasting, as well)!..,

    Thanks for joining us once again for TTTT, as well as for my, 'Tuesday Tea For Two". We always love having you join us!

    Blessings and hugs from Wanda Lee

  19. Hi Diann,
    Your yellow rose theme is very pretty! Love the napkin rings and all your tea things are a wonderful find. Your syrup sounds yummy!
    We are having a lot of rain ourselves and our beach days are few and far between but I don't think I would like a heat wave so I'm not complaining. My son is in Toronto and he's minding the heat too.
    Thank you for your charming tea post and thanks for joining me for Tea Time.


  20. Wow! I just love this set! So very pretty and the napkin rings - absolutely gorgeous! Lovely, lovely, lovely...wish I had some of your rain! I watch the Dopplar radar and the rain is all around us! Will be glad for the cooler weather soon! I hope! Thank you for sharing your beautiful yellow rose tea with A Return to Loveliness!
    God Bless,

  21. Yellow rose tea is looking very yummy. I am very huge tea drinkers and that's why crazy about the different types of tea. This Tea post is amazing. Nice Tea set.


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