Organize Your Spice Jars

Hi everyone!

Most of us seem to keep all those little jars of spices in a higher wall cabinet. And once a bottle gets pushed to the back, forget about it! You either go out and buy that spice or you just get frustrated with it and not add that spice to your recipe. Sound familiar?

tip of the week 072 I use some kind of bin that I have that will fit on my shelf. I use a lot of these Clementine/mandarin orange box/crate things.

tip of the week 073 Clear out all your spices and then grab some stickers. I am using canning labels.

tip of the week 074 And make a label for each spice jar. You will need to cut it to fit the top of the bottle.

Then stick it to the top of the spice jar.

tip of the week 077tip of the week 076Yup, no perfect staging for me. You get to see my spice bottles the way they are. LOL   Not pretty!

tip of the week 078 Now you can just pull out the box and look at the top of each bottle to see what you need.

tip of the week 079Well, I hope you enjoyed this little kitchen tip. Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Great idea! Simple and effective...perfect for me! LOL

  2. Great tip! My spice cabinet is tiny but I think I have seen some small plastic baskets that might work. My daughter uses an old wooden inbox tray to keep hers organized next to her looks really cool.

  3. This is a perfect solution..thanks much, dear heart...I am going to organize my cabinets...just as soon as I get my fridge cleaned out..:(

  4. Can't those little jars get into a mess, and you've come up with a great way to stay neat and organized. Great idea, thanks for sharing........

    The French Hutch

  5. Saves time and money -- love it!

  6. Great idea Diane! I have my spices in a drawer right beside my stove!

  7. What a neat idea, now I won't have five bottles of basil!!! Now why didn't I think of that!?

  8. great idea! I actually keep the majority of my spices laying on their sides in a drawer next to the stove! I just did that a few months ago and I LOVE it! So easily accessible! Before I had to get the step stool every time I wanted to find a spice! No bueno!

  9. Brilliant idea - I always hate to throw away those cute little boxes, thinking there must be *some* use for them - now I know, it's for spices. I'm going to do it!

  10. Very good idea, thanks for sharing!

  11. Great idea, Diann! Yes, I bought some hair accessories and a few jewelry for AJ at the "So Good" pink store....Christine

  12. This is an awesome tip Diann!~ My Fil did something neat with his spices too, I will share it someday on my blog.

  13. Dianne, I took this tip to the next level. Being the lazy person that I am I have two boxes and I put the letters A-L on one and M-Z on the other.My spices are in alphabetical order ... less hunt time. Anything to save a minute :)


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