Late Night Dinner

Hi everyone!

The other night Troy and I had been super busy all day. My parents had the Princess most of the day and when we picked her up and then went home, it was almost 10:00. We got the Princess to bed and I made a nice cozy late night dinner for Troy and I.

I used several recently thrifted things on my table tonight. This is definitely an “eat at the table” table. Not a big tablescape.

blue coffee table dinner 014Yes, the themed color of the evening was blue.

blue coffee table dinner 029I started with this denim and white blue cotton tablecloth I just bought for .50 cents. This is one of those linens that just keep looking better after many washes. The whole faded blue jean look.

blue coffee table dinner 017I used a new set of vivid sky blue napkins that were clearanced at a local grocery store for 2/.25. And I used my silver pig napkin rings….that’s for you Lynn! LOL

blue coffee table dinner 019I have used these dark blue and white placemats before. They were brand new with tags (Pier Imports) at a thrift store. 2 for $1.00.

blue coffee table dinner 020blue coffee table dinner 012Troy actually picked up the two blue and white plates for me at a thrift store.

blue coffee table dinner 011blue coffee table dinner 022These three awesome vintage glass creamers and sugar were given to me from my mom last week. She picked them up at a yard sale. I think I use my creamer & sugars more for condiments than cream and sugar. LOL They are just the perfect size for sauces or use for relish tray items. Tonight I had one with extra sauce, one with sweet pickles and one with dill pickles. An assortment of pickles is a main stay on most of our dinner tables. Adding pickled veggies not only adds yummy flavors to dinner but, they are almost calorie free!

blue coffee table dinner 010I used two of these pretty blue and white floral saucers (bought at a thrift store) to hold the candles.  The candles were clearanced at CTS for .38 cents each. Love that! Even when you are just having a simple easy meal for the two of you, adding candles kind of slows you down and helps you enjoy your dinner a little bit more. Since Troy and I spent the day going a mile a minute, we needed to be forced to slow down for a  moment, enjoy the meal, enjoy each other’s company and talk about the day.

blue coffee table dinner 015I have three of these wonderful pine branch glass mugs. They were in one of my $1.00 auction boxes.

blue coffee table dinner 016I have had this set of vintage silver and gold white frosted highball glasses forever.  I have a set of four and bought them at a flea market.

blue coffee table dinner 021blue coffee table dinner 035I used this fun Asian feel teapot in the center of the table. I actually used it to hold rice for our meal. Like the creamer and sugar, I like to use things in a different way.

blue coffee table dinner 023I was excited to find this smaller tureen at Salvation Army store. It was marked $4.99 but, it was half off day!

blue coffee table dinner 024-tileblue coffee table dinner 032That was our little late night dinner table. It takes little to no extra effort to add just a few little fun items on your table. You don’t have to go all out and create a masterpiece tablescape or anything like that. Just take a few extra minutes and grab a few fun/pretty items around your home and use them. Remember, nothing fancy schmancy, nothing expensive. That’s not important. Spending a little bit of relaxing time together is what it is all about.

Oh, did you want to know what we had for dinner?

blue coffee table dinner 038Sweet and Sour Chicken. Yum! This is one of my quick fix meals. Do you keep items on hand for those nights that you just want something fast? I have about 6 regular “quick fix’ dinners that I rely on for nights like this.

Here is how easy it is:

Frozen chicken tenders

Jar of sweet and sour sauce

Red bell peppers (chopped)

Onion (chopped)

Pineapple chunks.

Cooked Rice

Just cook your rice. While that is cooking preheat oven to 475 degrees. Spread out chicken tenders (I chop up to bite size pieces) on a cookie sheet. Bake for about 10 minutes, pull tray out and add your veggies and fruit to the tray. Back in the oven for another 10-15 minutes (depends on how cooked you want the veggies). Remove from oven and pour the chicken and veggies/fruit into a oven proof bowl and stir in sweet and sour sauce. Once completely mixed put the bowl in the oven for 7 minutes.

Serve over rice. Super easy and very yummy!

blue coffee table dinner 039-tileThat was our late night dinner. I hope you enjoyed your visit! Have a great day! Pssst… this coming Friday I will be having another giveaway for another $25.00 gift card to a different store!

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  1. Cute table Diann! Love the tablecloth and of course the super cute napkin rings! Happy Sunday:@)

  2. I JUST ate sweet and sour chicken not more than 10 minutes ago! lol :) Yours looks like it was yummy! I love your piggy napkin cute!
    OH and I got a big smile on my face when you said you had princess in your lap and your were oohing and ahhing over my baby bunny post! :) He was sweetest little thing ever! I still can't believe he let me pet him! :)
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Love those pretty plates -- Your sweet and sour chicken looks wonderful.

  4. Love you sweet table (I still smile every time I read your "I tried not to fall in love with him" in your profile. :)))

    Sweet and Sour Chicken is one of my very favs..I need to thaw my chicken tenders..I have some S&S sauce and what else?? Gotta go back and read...thanks, sweet lady.
    xo bj

  5. Cuddos to you for cooking that late at night! Everything looked beautiful!


  6. I just love how you use things for other than their intended use; that is the way to truly enjoy and use the things we collect!

    Your sweet and sour recipe sounds wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing.

  7. Charming tablescape. As you can imagine, we have Chinese food at least once a week at our house. I'm totally smitten with your Asian teapot. Great idea to use it for keeping rice warm.

  8. Love how you pulled various shades of blue together to make such a simple but pretty table. I agree, it only takes a minute to make your table special. The dinner looked yummy also.

  9. What a thoughtful thing to do at such a late hour. I'd have made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or something, but you made it special. Well done!

  10. Love your plates, how wonderful to fancy up a late night dinner


  11. I love the silver pig napkin rings. Your post is a great reminder to slow down and enjoy life.

  12. Nice setting. Thanks for sharing this super simple recipe.

  13. Love your color scheme for the quiet occasion. Know you all really enjoyed the din-din. It all looks so good. Your mosaic turned out beautifully. I really do like your color combinations. Very cozy and romantic looking. We all need a bit of this every once in a while. Genie

  14. Lovely table and I love the colors. Your dinner sounds delicious and easy! Have a wonderful week!

  15. You set a lovely table, love the blue and white theme. Very be achy in feel. Enjoy your week and take care.

  16. Looks like a great recipe, makes me hungry ;)

  17. Very pretty! Your food is even colorful and fun! ♥

  18. I'm a big fan of blue/white, so your table is a fav! Love that soft looking tablecloth, Diann. And those litle piggy napkin rings are adorable. :-)
    Your new soup tureen was a bargain at half off. None of our thrift stores here offer discounts, except for a big 10% for senior citizens at the GW. Like that helps me! NOT... Dinner sure looked yummy~

  19. You started your table setting with my favorite color combination blue and white. It was fun to see the great finds you were able to use for your special table setting. The extra effort makes such a difference.

  20. You are amazing. This is just so pretty and wow, dinner looks amazing too. Being so late I would have probably fixed a bowl of cereal and called it good. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty


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